Prompt Pay Discounts definition

Prompt Pay Discounts. A discount given to the buyer if paid within a certain time period. These discounts may be found in the Vendor List and Information section below. All discounts offered will be taken in cases where the payment issue date is within the specified number of days listed by vendor and in accordance with the Commonwealth’s Bill Paying Policy. Payment days will be measured from the date goods are received and accepted / performance was completed OR the date an invoice is received by the Commonwealth, whichever is later to the date the payment is issued as an EFT (preferred method) or mailed by the State Treasurer. The date of payment “issue” is the date a payment is considered “paid” not the date a payment is “received” by a Contractor.
Prompt Pay Discounts means discounts taken, usually on patient residual balances, in accordance with Eligible Recipient policies.

Examples of Prompt Pay Discounts in a sentence

  • See Prompt Pay Discounts Policy.) BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF CONTRACT PERFORMANCE or REASON FOR AMENDMENT: (Enter the Contract title, purpose, fiscal year(s) and a detailed description of the scope of performance or what is being amended for a Contract Amendment.

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  • Merchant discount means the fee or negotiated discount charged to a merchant by the financial institution for the privilege of participating in a program whereby a credit card is accepted in payment for merchandise or services sold to the credit card holder.