Definition of Product Complaints

Product Complaints means all information related to product complaints.
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Examples of Product Complaints in a sentence

The Parties shall each collect and record Product Complaints (and any other events required to be recorded under Applicable Laws) in accordance with Applicable Laws and their standard procedures and policies in effect from time to time.
All Product Complaints shall be directed to the attention of Zogenixs Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, at Zogenixs address set forth in Section 13.1 (or to Zogenixs designated Third Party vendor providing such services to Zogenix, at Zogenixs request).
If requested by Santarus, Depomed will collaborate with Santarus to resolve any Product Complaints.
CPL shall be responsible for investigating all Product Complaints regarding CPL Products, shall promptly respond to such complaints and shall copy CryoLife on any response made by CPL or SMI.
From and after the NDA Transfer Date, Depomed shall refer any oral or written Product Complaints which it receives concerning the Products to Santarus within [***] of its receipt thereof; provided that all complaints concerning suspected or actual Product tampering, contamination or mix-up shall be delivered within [***] of its receipt thereof.