PRIFA BANs definition

PRIFA BANs means that certain indebtedness issued by PRIFA pursuant to that certain Trust Agreement, dated March 1, 2015, between PRIFA and The Bank of New York Mellon, as trustee.
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Unless the then-current information has previously been provided to the Oversight Board, within five (5) Business Days after the date hereof, each Initial PSA Creditor shall provide the Oversight Board, in writing, the Face Amount and CUSIP numbers for each of the GO Bonds, PBA Bonds, and PRIFA BANs, if any, such Party owns or has due investment management responsibility and authority for funds or accounts which own such GO Bonds, PBA Bonds, or PRIFA BANs, as the case may be.

No earlier than thirty (30) days from the date hereof, GO Bonds, PBA Bonds and PRIFA BANs held by a PSA Creditor may be assigned alternative identifying CUSIPs to allow such GO Bonds, PBA Bonds and PRIFA BANs to be freely transferable and remain subject to the provisions of this Agreement.

The Oversight Board shall use its reasonable best efforts to ensure such mechanisms are established in such a manner such that they do not have an adverse effect on the enforceability, validity, tax exemption, or other rights of the GO Bonds, PBA Bonds and PRIFA BANs, or on the lawful transferability of the GO Bonds, PBA Bonds and PRIFA BANs under applicable securities laws.

The PSA Creditors shall use reasonable best efforts to (A) to the extent necessary, direct the PBA Bond trustee or the PRIFA BANs trustee, as the case may be, to cooperate with the Government Parties in obtaining the alternative identifying CUSIPs, and (B) take the related actions set forth in the Tracking Term Sheet.

If the Amended Plan is confirmed, the Miscellaneous Debt Limit Objection shall be unstayed as to non- PRIFA BANs claims.