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Pricing Errors. With respect to any pricing errors relating to transactions entered into by you on behalf of your customers, you agree to use your best efforts in cooperating with us to resolve and remedy such errors upon receipt of notice from us. The Distributor will adjust transactions in accordance with procedures established by the Company and the Distributor will notify you of such adjustments.

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  • Pricing Errors and Overcharges For any pricing errors or overcharges discovered by either party, the Contractor shall reimburse the State in full for all overcharges.

  • Arithmetical errors will be rectified according to clause C.8 Pricing Errors.

  • The officers were in- formed that there was a group of eight to ten individuals ‘‘drinking [and] being loud [that] came from a party across the street, possibly,’’ and that ‘‘the calling party just wanted them moved along and checked out.’’ The officers were aware that an ‘‘advisal call’’ regarding the same group had come over the radio some time earlier that morning, meaning that group had * The Honorable William E.

  • Panel (b) presents Root Mean Squared Pricing Errors (RMSPE) from the AFENS model with and without liquidity.

  • Table 3.3 25-Delta and ATM AUD/USD Exchange Rate Option Pricing Errors Option 25-Delta Call ATM Call 25-Delta Put Shimko 0.000072 0.609126 0.000050 0.221389 0.000048 0.411915 Note that for USD/JPY and USD/DEM exchange rate options, Malz (1997) finds the Malz volatility smiles are more accurate at pricing options than the Shimko volatility smiles.

  • A summary of all Pricing Errors and their effect on the Funds will be reported to the Funds' Audit Committee on an annual basis.

  • Coupon bonds data from CRSP 12/1985- 12/2007.(a) Mean Pricing Errors Table IV: On-the-run premium.

  • In addition, to the extent necessary to implement the provisions of SECTION 15, the following provisions shall also survive the termination of this Agreement: SECTION 1 (Transactions in the Funds), SECTION 2 (Timing of Transactions), SECTION 3 (Processing of Transactions), SECTION 4 (Pricing Errors), SECTION 7 (Representations), SECTION 8 (Additional Covenants and Agreements), and SECTION 12 (Proxy Voting).

  • Pricing Errors We are not responsible for customer pricing errors.Guarantees All merchandise is 100% guaranteed.

  • Defining λseg = [λmex, λus]', the null for market integration can be expressed as Rλseg = 0K, where R = [IK − IK] and the associated Wald test for testing the hypothesis of integration is given by KT (Rλseg)'(RΣλR')−1(Rλseg) → χ2 (2.24)7See appendix 1 for the derivation of the variance of λk Pricing Errors The most popular way to assess the pricing performance of an asset pricing model is through pricing errors.

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  • NAV Error means an error in the computation of the net asset value for a Fund or class as more fully described in the NAV Error Policy.

  • Pricing Service means J.J. Kenny or any pricing service designated by the Board of Directors of the Corporation provided the Corporation obtains written assurance from S&P and Moody's that such designation will not impair the rating then assigned by S&P and Moody's to the AMPS.

  • Pricing Pages means the schedule of prices, estimated order quantity, and totals contained in wvOASIS or attached hereto as Exhibit A, and used to evaluate the Solicitation responses.

  • Pricing Information means the information relating to (i) the number of Shares issued and (ii) the offering price of the Shares included on the cover page of the Prospectus.

  • Pricing Page means the pages, contained in wvOASIS or attached as Exhibit A, upon which Vendor should list its proposed price for the Contract Items.

  • Catalog Pricing shall be defined as: "The then available list of goods or services, in the most current listing regardless of date, that takes the form of a catalog, price list, price schedule, shelf-price or other viewable format that:

  • Pricing Services shall have the meaning set forth in Paragraph 7 of this Agreement.

  • Peer support specialist means an individual who has experienced a severe and persistent mental illness and who has successfully completed standardized training to provide peer support services through the medical assistance program or the Iowa Behavioral Health Care Plan.

  • Pricing means the date of determination by TCI and the Underwriters of the public offering price of the shares of TCI Stock in the IPO; the parties hereto contemplate that the Pricing shall take place on the Closing Date.

  • Medication error means any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm, while the medication is in the control of the health care professional, patient, or consumer. Such events may be related to professional practice, health care products, procedures, and systems including, but not limited to: prescribing; order communication; product labeling, packaging and nomenclature; compounding; dispensing; distribution; administration; education; monitoring; and use.

  • Expected Amortization Schedule means, with respect to any Tranche, the expected amortization schedule related thereto set forth in the Series Supplement.

  • Pricing Sources means the sources of financial information commonly known as Bloomberg, Bridge Information Services, Data Resources Inc., Interactive Data Services, International Securities Market Association, Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Securities Pricing Service, Xxxxxx Data Corporation, Reuters, Wood Gundy, Trepp Pricing, XX Xxxxx, S&P and Telerate.

  • Level V Pricing applies on any day on which (i) the Borrower’s long-term debt is rated BBB or higher by S&P or Baa2 or higher by Moody’s and (ii) none of Level I Pricing, Level II Pricing, Level III Pricing or Level IV Pricing applies.

  • Pricing Schedule means the Schedule attached hereto identified as such.

  • Software Error means a reproducible defect or combination thereof in the Software that results in a failure of the Software when used in accordance with the Documentation. Software Errors do not include those errors caused by (a) Licensee’s negligence, (b) any unauthorized modification or alteration Licensee makes to the Software, (c) data that does not conform to Licensor’s specified data format, (d) operator error, or (e) use not conforming to the Licensor’s supported technical environment specified in the Documentation.

  • Pricing Rate the per annum percentage rate for determination of the Price Differential;

  • Amortization Schedule means, with respect to each Equipment Note, the amortization schedule for such Equipment Note delivered pursuant to Section 2.02 of the Trust Indenture.

  • Pricing Side Letter means the pricing side letter, dated as of the date hereof, among the Seller, the Buyer and the Agent, as the same may be amended, supplemented or modified from time to time.

  • Level IV Pricing applies at any date, if at such date, (i) (A) the Borrower's long-term debt is rated BBB+ or higher by S&P or (B) Baa1 or higher by Moody's and (ii) none of Level I Pricing, Level II Pricing and Level III Pricing applies. "Level V Pricing" applies at any date if, at such date, (i) (A) the Borrower's long-term debt is rated BBB or higher by S&P or (B) Baa2 or higher by Moody's and (ii) none of Level I Pricing, Level II Pricing, Level III and Level IV Pricing applies. "Level VI Pricing" applies at any date if, at such date, no other Pricing Level applies.

  • Reliability Pricing Model Auction or “RPM Auction” shall mean the Base Residual Auction or any Incremental Auction, or, for the 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 Delivery Years, any Capacity Performance Transition Incremental Auction.

  • Pricing Level I shall exist on an Adjustment Date if the Consolidated Leverage Ratio for the relevant period is greater than or equal to 3.50 to 1.00.

  • Pricing Date means, for any fiscal quarter of the Borrower ending on or after September 30, 2002, the date on which the Administrative Agent is in receipt of the Borrower's most recent financial statements (and, in the case of the year-end financial statements, audit report) for the fiscal quarter then ended, pursuant to Section 7.5 hereof. The Applicable Margin shall be established based on the Leverage Ratio for the most recently completed fiscal quarter and the Applicable Margin established on a Pricing Date shall remain in effect until the next Pricing Date. If the Borrower has not delivered its financial statements by the date such financial statements (and, in the case of the year-end financial statements, audit report) are required to be delivered under Section 7.5 hereof, until such financial statements and audit report are delivered, the Applicable Margin shall be the highest Applicable Margin (i.e., the Leverage Ratio shall be deemed to be greater than 1.50 to 1.0). If the Borrower subsequently delivers such financial statements before the next Pricing Date, the Applicable Margin established by such late delivered financial statements shall take effect from the date of delivery until the next Pricing Date. In all other circumstances, the Applicable Margin established by such financial statements shall be in effect from the Pricing Date that occurs immediately after the end of the fiscal quarter covered by such financial statements until the next Pricing Date. Each determination of the Applicable Margin made by the Administrative Agent in accordance with the foregoing shall be conclusive and binding on the Borrower and the Lenders if reasonably determined.

  • Approved Pricing Service means a pricing or quotation service as set forth in Schedule 1.01(a) or any other pricing or quotation service approved by the Board of Directors of the Borrower and designated in writing to the Administrative Agent (which designation shall be accompanied by a copy of a resolution of the Board of Directors of the Borrower that such pricing or quotation service has been approved by the Borrower).

  • Pricing Certificate means a certificate or certificates to be signed by the Authorized Officer.

  • Pricing Level IV any time when (i) the senior unsecured long term debt rating of the Borrower by (x) S&P is BBB or higher or (y) Xxxxx’x is Baa2 or higher and (ii) none of Pricing Level I, Pricing Level II or Pricing Level III applies.

  • Pricing Level II shall exist on an Adjustment Date if the Consolidated Leverage Ratio for the relevant period is less than 3.50 to 1.00 but greater than or equal to 3.00 to 1.00.