Prevail definition

Prevail means to obtain favorable final judgment, the right to all appeals having been exhausted, on the merits, on substantially all counts or charges in the action and with respect to the most significant issue or set of issues presented, but does not include the settlement of any action, either by stipulation, consent decree or otherwise, whether or not settlement occurs before or after any hearing or trial.
Prevail means recovery of fees and benefit amounts (excluding any amounts received under this Section 9(B) exceeding the amount of legal fees incurred by You through the date of recovery.
Prevail as used in this Section, means that the filing of the action contributed signifi- cantly to

Examples of Prevail in a sentence

  • Labor Standby Time: See Item 305 paragraph (2) 114 - Specific Rate Prevail Rates provided for specific commodities shall prevail over any general commodity or N.O.S. rate.

  • Incase of any doubts as regards content of the Bid document Bidding Guidenlicences the content Mentioned in NIT will Prevail.

  • During the year ended December 31, 2020, the Company entered into an agreement with Prevail InfoWorks Inc.

  • Labor Standby Time: See Item 305 paragraph (2) 114 - Specific Rate Prevail Rates provided for specific commodities prevail over any general commodity or N.O.S. rate.

  • The Actual Lessons and Implications of Carmona – and Why Every Divorce Lawyer in the Western United States Should Be Hoping I Prevail on Rehearing, 23 Nev.

More Definitions of Prevail

Prevail means that Obligors obtain a final, non-appealable lender liability judgment against NBD in at least 51% of the amount of the Obligations on the date that the judgment becomes final and non-appealable (calculated without regard to payments made to NBD after the litigation commences). Each Obligor agrees to indemnify NBD for any and all Claims that may be imposed on, incurred by or asserted against NBD in connection with this Agreement (or any documents or agreements referred to or incorporated herein, including the Loan Documents) or the transactions contemplated hereby or thereby or the business relationship between NBD, on the one hand, and any one or more of the Obligors or the Guarantors, on the other hand, except to the extent arising solely from NBD's willful misconduct or bad faith.
Prevail means Prevail Partnerships LLC;
Prevail means a provision of one Act having priority over a conflicting provision in another Act. The ordinary meaning of the word means to be superior in strength or influence (Guide to LA FOIP, Ch. 1, p. 19).
Prevail means that the Zonda Arbitration Award has been issued and is final and Unappealable and is in favor of the Zonda Plan Debtors.
Prevail means “to be more powerful
Prevail has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
Prevail as used in this Section 17.14 means the Contractor recovers a judgment against Owner for at least eighty percent (80%) of all relief sought by Contractor in