Premium Version definition

Premium Version means the paying version of the Application with the following functionalities: time & expense tracker, web & mobile, expense note camera capture, project follow-up, project time overview, work in teams, push tasks & projects to collaborators, personal time analysis, team analysis, export options, electronic invoicing, interface, project & budget follow-up, project & client analysis and premium support;
Premium Version means as set out in clause 2.5.

Examples of Premium Version in a sentence

  • It can be suggested that many secondary heat sources (e.g. fan heaters, fires, etc.) appeal for this reason;• Radiators are the most common form of heat delivery in UK homes, accounting for 87% of cases.

  • The Premium Version is offered by the Company at a fixed monthly price per User.

  • If the Client opts for additional Users and/or for one or more Additional Services, an additional monthly price per Additional Service/User will be charged on top of the price of the Premium Version.

  • Invoices of Users of the Premium Version will be automatically and fully collected by the Company via credit card on the invoice date, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

  • Later scenarios will open up different alternatives for Panama’s future by given them options and better chances to success in this globalize world.

  • Furthermore, in order to be able to provide the medical checks of the talents, who are using the Premium Version, a doctor will be contracted and paid monthly.

  • The 4roup has recognised provision for income tax for the year ended 31 March, 2020 in Іine with the above option.

  • The Client can buy the Premium Version both within the period of using the Trial Version as well as directly after the Trial Version expires.

  • As in the Elite Player offer, the profile of the player will be connected with Player LENS, the most similar competitor of TITALENT, the Premium Version of TITALENT will be offered a bit cheaper at 10 U.S. dollars in order to be competitive.

  • Take advantage of this hard-won boon.PART 4: The Premium Version of DVDFab Downloader.

Related to Premium Version

  • Premium payment plan means a benefit plan whereby school em- ployees may pay their share of group health plan premiums with pretax dollars as provided in the salary reduction plan under chapter 41.05 RCW pursuant to 26 U.S.C. Sec. 125 or other sections of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Premium tax means, with respect to surplus lines or independently procured insurance coverage, any tax, fee, assessment, or other charge imposed by a governmental entity directly or indirectly based on any payment made as consideration for an insurance contract, including premium deposits, assessments, registration fees, and any other compensation given in consideration for a contract of insurance.

  • Premium surcharge means a payment required from a subscriber, in addition to the subscriber's medical premium contribution, due to an enrollee's tobacco use or an enrolled subscriber's spouse or state registered domestic partner choosing not to enroll in their employer- based group medical when:

  • Premium pay means overtime pay and shift differential pay that is Earned during the relevant time period, but that is not a part of the Participant’s Base Compensation or Incentive Compensation.

  • Premium Service means programming choices (such as movie Channels, pay-per-view programs, or video on demand) offered to Subscribers on a per-Channel, per-program or per- event basis.

  • Premium Amount The amount of premium due to the Note Insurer in accordance with the terms of the Insurance Agreement.

  • Premium Loading means the additional premium on top of the Standard Premium charged by the Company to the Policy Holder according to the additional risk assessed for the Insured Person.

  • Revenue Sharing means any requirement under a Ground Lease to pay to Ground Lessor a share of the revenue derived from, or an incremental payment triggered by, a sublease, license or other occupancy agreement at the Site subject to such Ground Lease.

  • Premium Due Date means date specified in the Schedule on which the Instalment Premium will become due.

  • Premium Period means the period beginning on (and including) the Premium Commencement Date and ending on (but excluding) the first Premium Payment Date and each successive period beginning on (and including) a Premium Payment Date and ending on (but excluding) the next succeeding Premium Payment Date.

  • Premium Payment Date in respect of any Option, means the date on which the Premium is due and payable, as agreed to at the time the Option is entered into, as evidenced in a Confirmation.

  • Premium Letter means the letter agreement dated the Closing Date among LBAC, the Issuer and the Note Insurer referring to payment of the Premium.

  • Medicare Levy Surcharge means an extra charge payable by high income earners beyond the standard Medicare Levy if they do not have qualifying private hospital insurance coverage. This charge is assessed as part of an individual or family’s annual tax return.

  • Premium Payment Term means the term specified in the Schedule, during which the Premiums are payable by You;

  • Cash Payment System means a payment system that generates any transfer of funds through a transaction originated by cash, check, or similar paper instrument. This includes electronic payments to a financial institution or clearing house that subsequently issues cash, check, or similar paper instrument to the designated payee.

  • Subsidized Xxxxxxxx Loan means a Loan for which the interest rate is governed by Section 427A(a) or 427A(d) of the Higher Education Act.

  • Furniture maintenance product means a wax, polish, conditioner, or any other product labeled for the purpose of polishing, protecting or enhancing finished wood surfaces other than floors, and other furniture surfaces including but not limited to acrylics, ceramic, plastics, stone surfaces, metal surfaces, and fiberglass. “Furniture Maintenance Product” does not include “Dusting Aid,” “Wood Cleaner,” and products designed solely for the purpose of cleaning, or products designed to leave a permanent finish such as stains, sanding sealers and lacquers.

  • payment system means a funds transfer system with formal and standardised arrangements and common rules for the processing, clearing and/or settlement of payment transactions;

  • Premium Rate means any set fee regularly paid by a subscriber to a health insuring corporation. A "premium rate" does not include a one-time membership fee, an annual administrative fee, or a nominal access fee, paid to a managed health care system under which the recipient of health care services remains solely responsible for any charges accessed for those services by the provider or health care facility.

  • Xxxxxage The mortgage, deed of trust or other instrument securing a Mortgage Note, which creates a first lien, in the case of a First Lien Loan, or a second lien, in the case of a Second Lien Loan, on an unsubordinated estate in fee simple in real property securing the Mortgage Note; except that with respect to real property located in jurisdictions in which the use of leasehold estates for residential properties is a widely-accepted practice, the mortgage, deed of trust or other instrument securing the Mortgage Note may secure and create a first or second lien upon a leasehold estate of the Mortgagor.

  • Extra Premium means an additional amount charged by Us, as per Our Underwriting Policy, which is determined on the basis of disclosures made by You in the Proposal Form or any other information received by Us including medical examination report of the Life Insured.

  • Maximum Concentration Level Assessment means the Maximum Concentration Level Assessment for the purposes of a Basic Comprehensive Certificate of Approval, described in the Basic Comprehensive User Guide, prepared by a Toxicologist using currently available toxicological information, that demonstrates that the concentration at any Point of Impingement for a Compound of Concern that does not have a Ministry Point of Impingement Limit is not likely to cause an adverse effect as defined by the EPA. The concentration at Point of Impingement for a Compound of Concern must be calculated in accordance with O. Reg. 419/05.

  • Support Service means an activity, such as information technology, accounting, human resources, legal, and other support functions that are required to support the ongoing delivery of core services.

  • Health insurance policy means a policy that provides specified benefits for hospital and/or general treatment and meets all requirements under section 63-10 of the Private Health Insurance Act 2007.

  • Policy summary means a synopsis describing the elements of a life insurance policy.

  • Insurance Schedule means Schedule 3 attached hereto.