Prearrangement definition

Prearrangement means any contract, agreement, or mutual understanding, or any series or combination of contracts, agreements or mutual understandings, whether funded by trust deposits or prearrangement insurance policies, or any combination thereof, which has for a purpose the furnishing or performance of specific funeral services, or the furnishing or delivery of specific personal property, merchandise, or services of any nature in connection with the final disposition of a dead human body, to be furnished or delivered at a time determinable by the death of the person whose body is to be disposed of, but does not mean the furnishing of a cemetery lot, crypt, niche, mausoleum, grave marker or monument.
Prearrangement means any contract, agreement, or mutual
Prearrangement means an arrangement whereby a person, for himself

Examples of Prearrangement in a sentence

  • Pre-arrangement for routine contact may be made by agreement between the Union and the department head and when made shall continue until revoked.

  • Pre-arrangement for routine contact may be made on an annual basis.

  • Prearrangement for routine contact may be made on an annual basis.

  • Prearrangement for routine contact may be made by agreement between the Union and the department head and when made shall continue until revoked.

  • Prearrangement for routine contact may be made with the Police Chief and when made shall continue until revoked by the Police Chief.

  • Prearrangement contracts shall terminate upon demand of the purchaser of the contract if the cemetery authority shall go out of business, become insolvent or bank- rupt, make an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or for any other reason be unable to fulfill the obligations under the contract.

  • Pre-arrangement for routine contact may be made with individual department heads and when made shall continue until revoked by the department head.

  • Prearrangement sales of unconstructed crypts, niches, or undeveloped property must meet the requirements of RCW 68.46.030.

  • Formerly RCW 68.46.190.]Additional notes found at 68.05.310 Prearrangement sales—Disciplinary action.

  • Prearrangement shall include time, method, routing, and any limitations imposed for reasons of safety or nondisturbance of others.

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Prearrangement means the non-binding gathering and exchange

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  • Arrangement means an arrangement under Section 288 of the BCBCA on the terms and subject to the conditions set out in this Plan of Arrangement, subject to any amendments or variations to this Plan of Arrangement made in accordance with the terms of the Arrangement Agreement or Section 6.1 of this Plan of Arrangement or made at the direction of the Court in the Final Order with the prior written consent of the Company and the Purchaser, each acting reasonably.

  • Receivership means a proceeding in which a receiver is appointed.

  • Reorganization with respect to any Multiemployer Plan, the condition that such plan is in reorganization within the meaning of Section 4241 of ERISA.

  • Similar contract means Ammunition.

  • Scheme means the proposed scheme of arrangement under Chapter 1 of Part 9 of the Act and the capital reduction under Sections 84 and 85 of the Act to effect the Acquisition pursuant to this Agreement, on such terms and in such form as is consistent with the terms agreed to by the Parties as set out in the Rule 2.5 Announcement, including any revision thereof as may be agreed between the Parties in writing, and, if required, by the High Court.

  • Superstructure means the part of the bodywork which contributes to the strength of the vehicle in the event of a roll-over accident;

  • Arrangement Agreement means the arrangement agreement made as of December 12, 2012 among the Parent, the Purchaser and the Company (including the Schedules thereto) as it may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time in accordance with its terms.

  • Restructuring means that, with respect to one or more Obligations and in relation to an aggregate amount of not less than the Default Requirement, any one or more of the following events occurs in a form that binds all holders of such Obligation, is agreed between the Reference Entity or a Governmental Authority and a sufficient number of holders of such Obligation to bind all holders of the Obligation or is announced (or otherwise decreed) by the Reference Entity or a Governmental Authority in a form that binds all holders of such Obligation (including, in each case, in respect of Bonds only, by way of an exchange), and such event is not expressly provided for under the terms of such Obligation in effect as of the later of the Credit Event Backstop Date and the date as of which such Obligation is issued or incurred:

  • Travel Arrangements means: (a) transportation; (b) accommodations; and (c) other specified services arranged by the Travel Supplier Exchange Company for Your Trip. Air arrangements covered by this definition also include any direct round trip air flights booked by others, to and from Your Scheduled Trip Departure and return cities, provided the dates of travel for the air flights are within 7-14 total days of Your scheduled Trip dates.

  • legal arrangement means a trust or other similar arrangement;

  • Composition means the chemical composition of a metal, enamel, ceramic or other

  • Arrangements means every arrangement or transaction that:

  • Intimidation means compelling or deterring conduct by threat.

  • Workout means any written modification, waiver, amendment, restructuring or workout of the Mortgage Loan or the Note entered into with the Mortgage Loan Borrower in accordance with the Servicing Agreement.

  • Life-of-the-unit, firm power contractual arrangement means a unit participation power sales agreement under which a utility or industrial customer reserves, or is entitled to receive, a specified amount or percentage of nameplate capacity and associated energy from any specified unit and pays its proportional amount of such unit's total costs, pursuant to a contract:

  • Stinger-steered automobile or watercraft transporter means an automobile or watercraft transporter

  • Medical flexible spending arrangement or "medical FSA" means a benefit plan whereby eligible state employees may reduce their salary before taxes to pay for medical expenses not reimbursed by insurance as provided in the salary reduction plan established under chapter

  • Splitter means a device used in conjunction with a DSLAM either to combine or separate the high (DSL) and low (voice) frequency spectrums of the Loop in order to provide both voice and data over a single Loop.

  • Automobile or watercraft transporters means any tractor truck, lowboy, vehicle, or combination,

  • Management Arrangements means the arrangements for the strategic management of the relationship between the Authority and the Contractor, including arrangements for monitoring of the Contractor’s compliance with the Statement of Requirements, the Service Levels, the Award Procedures and the terms of this Framework Agreement, set out in Schedule 4.

  • Structure means for floodplain management purposes, a walled and roofed building, including a gas or liquid storage tank that is principally above ground, as well as a manufactured home.

  • Business Combination means any merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or other similar business combination with one or more businesses, involving the Company.

  • Transaction means an action or set of actions occurring between two or more persons relating to the conduct of business, commercial, or governmental affairs.

  • Demerger means a demerger pursuant to Chapter 17 of the Finnish Companies Act (624/2006 as amended from time to time).

  • Member of the household means any person who resides with the public official.

  • Reorganisation means (without limitation) any transaction, deemed transaction, step, procedure or agreement, including (but without limitation) the transfer, distribution, contribution or settlement of assets and/or liabilities.