PRC Subsidiary definition

PRC Subsidiary means all Company Subsidiaries organized under the Laws of the PRC;
PRC Subsidiary means any Subsidiary of the Company organized under the Laws of the PRC.
PRC Subsidiary means each of, and “PRC Subsidiaries” means all of, Shanghai CRF Business Management Co., Ltd. Capital Financial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Shouhang Business Management Co., Ltd. CRF Finance Lease Co., Ltd. Shanghai CRF Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. CRF Wealth Management Co., Ltd. Haidong CRF Micro-credit Co., Ltd. Qianhai Shouhang Guarantee (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai HML Asset Management Co., Ltd

Examples of PRC Subsidiary in a sentence

  • All matters of PRC Laws relating to the Company, the PRC Subsidiary and their respective businesses and other statements with respect to PRC Laws set forth in the Registration Statement are correctly set forth therein, and nothing has been omitted from such statements which would make the same misleading in any material respect.

  • Based on our understanding of the current PRC Laws, the ownership structures of the PRC Subsidiary, both currently and immediately after giving effect to the Offering, do not and will not contravene any applicable PRC Laws currently in effect.

More Definitions of PRC Subsidiary

PRC Subsidiary means ATA Online (Beijing) Education Technology Limited, a company incorporated under the PRC Laws of which 90% of the equity interest is directly owned by Kevin Xiaofeng Ma and 10% of the equity interest is directly owned by Walter Lin Wang
PRC Subsidiary means all of the Company Subsidiaries organized under the laws of the PRC;
PRC Subsidiary means Yi Ren Heng Ye Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Based on our review of the Documents and subject to the Assumptions and the Qualifications, we are of the opinion that:
PRC Subsidiary means E-Sun Sky Computer (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.;
PRC Subsidiary means Weibo Internet Technology (China) Co., Ltd.