Definition of PPUC

PPUC means the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.
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Examples of PPUC in a sentence

Such provisions are charged to clearing accounts and apportioned therefrom to operating expenses and other accounts in accordance with the Uniform System of Accounts as prescribed by the PPUC.
To Parent's Knowledge, there is (i) no reason why the FCC or the PPUC will not grant their consent to the transfer of control to Parent of the Licenses issued by the FCC and the PPUC, respectively, and (ii) no fact that would reasonably be expected to lead to a condition of the consent of the FCC or the PPUC that would not allow Parent to consummate the Transactions.
Each of Parent and the Company will use its reasonable best efforts to ensure that all necessary applications in connection with the transfer of control of any such Licenses are filed within ten Business Days of the date hereof, except that PPUC transfer of control notifications that do not require affirmative approval may be filed within 20 Business Days of the date hereof.
The Company operates within its franchised territory located in York and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania, and is subject to regulation by the PPUC.
Oral argument was held on April 8, 2014, and, at the end of the argument, the Third Circuit directed ME and PN, and the PPUC, each to submit a brief on April 16, 2014 on the question of whether it is possible to waive the preemptive effect of FERC's classification of line loss charges as transmission charges.