Definition of PPSI

PPSI means Provincial Papers Shareholdings Inc., a corporation governed by the laws of Ontario;

Examples of PPSI in a sentence

This plan will be sent to Perfect Power as part of this total offering from PPSI.
If the customer enters into a financing agreement, it is forwarded for signature to PPSI, which then sends the loan proceeds to the insurance agent who deducts a commission and remits the balance to PW.
He also recalled phrases from members about how adding international legal standards would present a "serious obstacle" to efforts during wartime (and where the Geneva Conventions may not apply).1219 Gelles surmised that the military members wanted to incorporate as much of Banks's PPSI into the report so that they could "protect themselves" and quell any conflicts between military policy and APA ethical pronouncements.
The US Borrower, the Canadian Borrower and the Guarantors under the PPSI Credit Agreement and the PECI Letter Loan Agreement (collectively the "Obligors") requested that the Bank waive the defaults described in the two prior paragraphs (the "Existing Defaults").The Bank waived the Existing Defaults through January 31, 2016 as appears from the 1st Waiver and Consent Letter.
The US Borrower shall continue to provide the financial reporting required by Section 8.5(b) of the PPSI Credit Agreement for the four quarters of each fiscal year within 45 days after the last day of each quarter and shall also provide the Bank, for non-quarter-end months, with balance sheets and statements of income, on a consolidated and non-consolidated basis, within 30 days of the last day of each month.