Definition of PPI

PPI means Producer Price Index for finished goods published by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and, if no longer published, any comparable successor index selected by Delta.
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PPI means Palestine-Principal, Inc.
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PPI means Parkway Properties, Inc., a Maryland corporation.
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Examples of PPI in a sentence

The change factor shall be calculated as follows: annual PPI index (most current year) less annual PPI index (most current year minus 1) divided by annual PPI index (most current year minus 1).
The examples below are strictly for illustration purposes, and may not reflect actual changes in the PPI and any allowable adjustments in price that might occur during the Contract term.
After the term of the contract, the Consultant may request price increases that are limited to the increase in the Consultants actual documented cost of doing business or the appropriate CPI or PPI, whichever is lower.
Any decrease in pricing shall not be less than the appropriate CPI or PPI.
The replacement pipe used in pipe bursting operations shall be High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe manufactured from a high density, high molecular weight polyethylene resin which conforms to ASTM D-1248 and meets the requirements for Type III, Class A, Grade P34, Category 5, and has a PPI rating of PE 3408, when compounded.