Definition of PPA Managers

PPA Managers means the Managers of PPA as defined in the PPA Operating Agreement.
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Examples of PPA Managers in a sentence

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the PPA Managers do not agree on any matter requiring the mutual agreement of both PPA Managers under this Section 5.8.2 within three (3) hours after the initial communication between the PPA Managers regarding such matter, either PPA Manager may refer the matter to the Management Committee, which shall then give the relevant directions or make the relevant decisions on behalf of the Company.
The PPA Managers shall have the right to make all decisions on behalf of the Company with respect to the matters that require a decision of or direction from the Company at such time pursuant to Section 2.11.5 of the O&M Agreement, including the issuance of Product Notices (as defined in the O&M Agreement) and, to the extent the Company so elects in accordance with Section of the O&M Agreement, directing the issuance of Operational Notices (as defined in the O&M Agreement) by the Operator.
All directions given and decisions made by either PPA Manager or both PPA Managers in accordance with this Section 5.8.2 shall be final and binding on the Company and shall not be subject to review or approval by the Management Committee or by any Member.
Seller and each of the initial PPA Managers (as designated in the Company Operating Agreement) shall have executed and delivered the Post-Conversion Consent.