Definition of PowerSource Phone

PowerSource Phone means a phone that utilizes the iDEN wireless network for push to talk capabilities and the Sprint PCS Network for other voice and data applications.

Examples of PowerSource Phone in a sentence

Requires a voice Business Essentials or Business Advantage Plan on a CDMA or PowerSource Phone.
All revenue from the sale of a PowerSource Phone sold under the national account contract with General Motors Corporation that is activated in the Service Area (including revenue from the usage of the iDEN network operated by Related Parties of Sprint PCS) will be included in Billed Revenue.
Manager will be responsible for all handset costs (including any applicable handset subsidies) relating to the sale of such a PowerSource Phone and, as compensation for the use of the iDEN network, Manager will pay to Sprint PCS a one time fee of $120 for each such PowerSource Phone sold, regardless of when the PowerSource Phone is subsequently deactivated.
Manager will pay the PowerSource Fee for each PowerSource Phone that is activated during any month in a CSA assigned to the Service Area, regardless of when the PowerSource Phone is subsequently deactivated (including, specifically, but not limited to any deactivation arising from an early termination or return of a phone by a customer or fraudulent sales of PowerSource Phones).