Definition of Power Transaction

Power Transaction means a specifically agreed to purchase or sale of Power between MMC and Energy Manager pursuant to CAISO tariff or Third Party agreement.

Examples of Power Transaction in a sentence

As used herein, the following terms shall have the following meanings: Additional Physical Power Transaction has the meaning provided such term in Section 7.2(a).
Additional Transaction means each Additional Trading Transaction and each Additional Physical Power Transaction.
If the fixed price for any Energy Swap includes an Energy Adder, Party B shall not be obligated to pay an Energy Adder with respect to that portion of any Power Transaction which at the time of determination is hedged by such Energy Swap.
Additional Transaction Closing Date means (i) in the case of an Additional Trading Transaction, the Additional Trading Transaction Closing Date for such Transaction, and (ii) in the case of an Additional Physical Power Transaction, the Additional PP Transaction Closing Date for such Transaction.