Definition of Power Payment

Power Payment means, for each Power Transaction, an amount equal to the Contract Price multiplied by the Contract Quantity pursuant to such Power Transaction.

Examples of Power Payment in a sentence

Tenant shall pay the Power Payment to Landlord, as Additional Rent, within thirty (30) days of delivery of such Power Payment invoice.
Landlord shall bill Tenant monthly for the actual cost of all electricity provided to and/or used in the Tenant Space based upon the Electrical Metering Equipment (the Actual Electrical Costs), plus a cost-recovery factor equal to fifty percent (50%) of the Actual Electrical Costs (the Shared Electrical Payment; together with the Actual Electrical Costs, collectively, the Power Payment).
For the avoidance of doubt, it is the intent of the parties that this Section 3.6 represents a mechanism only for Landlords cost recovery with regard to electrical power provided to and/or used in or for the Premises, and that there is no intent for Tenants Power Payment to include any element of profit to the Landlord in connection therewith.
Tenant shall pay for all electricity provided as Critical Load Power to the Datacenter Space and required to operate the Shared Electrical and Mechanical Equipment in accordance with this Section 4.1.2. Except to the extent provided otherwise in Exhibit "J" attached hereto, the Electrical Metering Equipment shall be installed by Landlord at Landlord's cost and Landlord shall bill Tenant monthly for the Power Payment.
Active Power agrees to pay the Plaintiffs $5,000,000 (the Active Power Payment) and Pinkerton agrees to pay the Plaintiffs $1,220,000 (the Pinkerton Payment) of the Settlement Payment.