Definition of Power Electronics

Power Electronics means power control electronics equipment meeting the agreed design and performance requirements for the Grid Service System jointly developed by the Parties pursuant to Section 2.1(c)(i), including without limitation, inverters, inverter controls, algorithms and related inverter/grid interconnect components, controls and equipment, including without limitation, circuits, transformers, relays, contactors, fuses, communications cards, and circuit breakers.
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Examples of Power Electronics in a sentence

SU NNX10CD11P/ NNX11CA68C 43.UNK 57,000Advanced Power Electronics Corporation SU ATK-62836 43.UNK 114,512ATK Launch Systems, Inc.
SU NNX10CD11P/ NNX11CA68C 43.UNK 68,730Advanced Power Electronics Corporation SU ATK-62836 43.UNK 45,518ATK Launch Systems, Inc.
NNX11CA68C 43.UNK 55,014Advanced Power Electronics Corporation SU ATK-62836 43.UNK 8,784ATK Launch Systems, Inc.
SLPE, which sells products under three brand names (SL Power Electronics, Condor and Ault), is a major supplier to the original equipment manufacturers ("OEMs") of medical, industrial/instrumentation, military, information technology equipment, and architectural and entertainment lighting markets.
For the avoidance of doubt, the above fee shall include the costs of the Power Electronics for the Test Project, which A123 shall procure.