Definition of Power Assets

Power Assets means all tangible and intangible property used in connection with the ownership and operation of electric power and cogeneration facilities, including, without limitation, related transmission lines and gas lines.

Power Assets shall mean:
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Examples of Power Assets in a sentence

State of Affairs The Corporation has leased the State's electricity distribution network and land under a 200 year finance lease to a Partnership 51% owned by Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited and Power Assets Holdings Ltd, which form part of the Cheung Kong Group of companies.
The purpose of the divestiture of the RF Power Assets is to ensure the continued use of the assets in the same businesses in which such assets were engaged at the time of the announcement of the Acquisition by Respondent and to remedy the lessening of competition resulting from the Acquisition as alleged in the Commission's Complaint.
Complying with financial reporting requirements, obtaining legal advice, prosecuting or defending legal claims, investigations, or enforcing actions threatened or brought against the RF Power Business or RF Power Assets, or as required by law.
NRG Connecticut Power Assets LLC Delaware ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9.
Respondent shall (i) keep confidential (including as to Respondent's employees) and (ii) not use for any reason or purpose, any Confidential Information received or maintained by Respondent relating to the RF Power Business or RF Power Assets; provided, however, that Respondent may disclose or use such Confidential Information in the course of: 1.