Definition of Potentiator

Potentiator shall mean a Compound which, as its principal mode of therapeutic action, modulates the biological effect of CFTR by enhancing the gating activity of DF508 CFTR present in the apical cell membrane.

Examples of Potentiator in a sentence

The parties acknowledge that it may be necessary or appropriate to adopt additional Development Candidate Criteria which more specifically define the pre-development characteristics of Compounds which the parties believe may be suitable for development and commercialization based upon the particular mode of action of that Compound as a Potentiator or Corrector.
Each Party shall have the right to propose amendments to the Potentiator Post-POC Development Plan through its representatives on the JDC.
The Parties agree that, if at any time during the Term, the Potentiator Standard or the Combination Standard changes, the then-current Potentiator POC Success Criteria or the Corrector/Combination Product Success Criteria, as applicable, shall include the new Potentiator Standard or Combination Standard, as applicable.
Galapagos promptly shall share with AbbVie, through the processes established by the JDC, all Information generated and results achieved in conducting or as a result of conducting Development activities under each POC Development Plan, and the JDC shall use such Information and results to determine whether any Potentiator Product satisfies the Potentiator POC Success Criteria or whether any Combination Product satisfies the Corrector/Combination Product POC Success Criteria.
The JDC shall manage, coordinate and oversee the Parties activities under the Potentiator POC Development Plan, the Corrector/Combination Product POC Development Plan, the Post-POC Development Plans, and the Galapagos Territory Development Plan.