Definition of Potential Vendors

Potential Vendors means Border and the Joint Company and, in the event where such entities hold the Shares in the Joint Company, any Affiliated Company with Border, Randgold, AngloGold and any entity held by 50% by Randgold or AngloGold.
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Examples of Potential Vendors in a sentence

Potential Vendors may protest any of the specifications of this RFP on the belief that the specification is unlawful, unduly restrictive, or unjustifiably restraining to competition.
At tac hm en t C - C on tra ct Ma nu al Contract Management Manual for TDCJ-CJAD Effective September 1, 2015 Funding of Offender Services 19 Step 1 - Identify Potential Vendors.
Potential Vendors shall acknowledge in writing knowledge of all amendments, addenda and changes issued in connection with this RFP by submitting an affirmative statement.
Rules R33-4-101 and R33-4-102 shall apply to the Prequalification of Potential Vendors and Thresholds for Approved Vendor Lists, except that the maximum threshold for procuring the services of a licensed attorney(s) shall be $250,000.
Potential Vendors must demonstrate experiences in designing and maintaining body worn camera and backend server solutions.