Definition of Potential Trigger Event

Potential Trigger Event means any action, inaction, omission, event or circumstance that with the giving of notice or lapse of time or if not cured or waived could give rise to a Trigger Event.
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Examples of Potential Trigger Event in a sentence

Before and after giving effect to such Class A Advance, no Trigger Event or Potential Trigger Event shall have occurred and be continuing unless such Class A Advance has been approved by each of (i) the Requisite Global Majority and (ii) each Series 2001-1 Noteholder.
The Warranty Provider shall only object to such Curative Steps if, in the Warranty Provider's reasonable discretion, they are not consistent with this Agreement or are not likely to be an effective cure of the Potential Trigger Event within the cure period set forth in Section 4.1(a), if any.
For avoidance of doubt, no Permitted Interest Payments may be made or accepted if a Trigger Event or Potential Trigger Event has occurred and is continuing.