POTENTIAL PRODUCT means the chemical entity resulting from the covalent or non-covalent attachment of any DELIVERY AGENT to any THERAPEUTIC AGENT.

Examples of POTENTIAL PRODUCT in a sentence

Each PARTY shall promptly notify the other in writing of any information that comes to its attention concerning the safety or efficacy of any SELECTED REAGENT, POTENTIAL PRODUCT and/or COMMERCIAL PRODUCT, including, without limitation, any threatened or pending action by any regulatory authority with respect thereto, in accordance with the applicable QUALITY AGREEMENT.
At least [***] prior to the anticipated date of commencement of the first PIVOTAL TRIAL for a POTENTIAL PRODUCT, the parties shall negotiate and execute a SUPPLY AGREEMENT for the manufacture and supply of SELECTED REAGENT for such POTENTIAL PRODUCT.
For example, [***] as a result of the manufacture, use, import, export, offer for sale or sale of a SELECTED REAGENT, POTENTIAL PRODUCT or COMMERCIAL PRODUCT, and shall be in addition to BAXTERs obligations under Sections 15.1.2 and 17.1.
For purposes of this AGREEMENT, commencement of a clinical trial shall be deemed to occur on the date on which POTENTIAL PRODUCT is first administered to the first patient or subject in such trial.
If the development, manufacture, use, import, sale or offer for sale of a POTENTIAL PRODUCT or a COMMERCIAL PRODUCT results in a claim for PATENT infringement by a THIRD PARTY, the PARTY to this AGREEMENT first having notice shall promptly notify the other PARTY in writing.