POTENTIAL PRODUCT means the chemical entity resulting from the covalent or non-covalent attachment of any DELIVERY AGENT to any THERAPEUTIC AGENT.
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Examples of POTENTIAL PRODUCT in a sentence

POTENTIAL PRODUCT pharmacokinetic parameters are compatible with [***] ii.
Except as otherwise set forth in Sections 16.4 or 16.5, all INVENTIONS conceived or first reduced to practice solely by employees, agents, SUBLICENSEES or independent contractors (including CONTRACT MANUFACTURERS) of a PARTY during the course and in the performance of this AGREEMENT (including in carrying out its activities under the RESEARCH PLAN and the development or manufacture of POTENTIAL PRODUCT or COMMERCIAL PRODUCT) (each, a SOLE INVENTION) shall be the exclusive property of such PARTY.
No later than [***] after selection of a POTENTIAL PRODUCT by the RESEARCH COMMITTEE, BAXTER shall provide NEKTAR AL with a [***] rolling forecast of its estimated requirements of the SELECTED REAGENT for such POTENTIAL PRODUCT for research, pre-clinical development and clinical development.
For the TERM and for a period of [***] thereafter, each PARTY shall maintain in confidence all information and materials of the other PARTY (including, but not limited to, KNOW-HOW and samples of THERAPEUTIC AGENT, CONJUGATES, REAGENT, SELECTED REAGENT, POTENTIAL PRODUCT and COMMERCIAL PRODUCT) disclosed or provided to it by the other PARTY (either pursuant to this AGREEMENT or the NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT).
If any VALID PATENT CLAIM is infringed by a THIRD PARTY, or any KNOW-HOW utilized in the manufacture, use, import, offer for sale or sale of SELECTED REAGENT or POTENTIAL PRODUCT or COMMERCIAL PRODUCT is misappropriated by a THIRD PARTY, the PARTY first having knowledge of such infringement or misappropriation shall promptly notify the other PARTY in writing.