Definition of POS Load(s

POS Load(s means point of sale loading of funds to a Product in connection with the sale of a Product.
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Examples of POS Load(s in a sentence

Green Dot shall have no right, title or interest in or to any Nonpublic Personal Information of any Cardholder including, without limitation, Nonpublic Personal Information collected by Green Dot in connection with POS Loads.
Following the Effective Date, the terms and conditions hereof shall solely govern the Parties' relationship with respect to all MoneyCards previously sold pursuant to the 2010 Agreement and all POS Loads, POS Reloads and other Program transactions occurring upon the Effective Date relating to such MoneyCards.
The PR Entity is hereby added as a party to the Agreement, and effective as of such time as the parties may mutually decide, Retailer shall begin offering POS Loads in its Participating Stores located in Puerto Rico (which will be deemed to be located within the United States for all purposes of the Agreement).
In consideration for marketing and promoting the Program, and for marketing and distributing the Temporary Walmart MoneyCards and POS Loads to Walmart MoneyCards on behalf of [*] in Participating Stores, [*] shall [*] a commission in accordance with the provisions of Schedule 5.2 attached hereto.
The Parties desire that Cardholders and other individuals be able to participate in POS Loads and Reload Pack Sales in the GD Network at participating GD Merchants as well as Online Loads, including in transactions at Retailers Participating Stores involving a POS Load to a Temporary Walmart MoneyCard or a Permanent Walmart MoneyCard issued by Bank.