Definition of PORTSIDE

PORTSIDE means PORTSIDE GROWTH AND OPPORTUNITY FUND and each of its agents, representatives, employees, assigns, officers, directors, managers, members, council members, shareholders, staff, affiliates, parent corporations or entities, owned or controlled entities, agencies, predecessors, successors, and/or indemnitors. PORTSIDE does not include the Defendants.
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Examples of PORTSIDE in a sentence

PORTSIDE GROWTH & OPPORTUNITY FUND By: Name: Title: IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each Buyer and the Company have caused their respective signature page to this Registration Rights Agreement to be duly executed as of the date first written above.
Gruss Telephone: 646-720-9101 Facsimile: 646-344-4743 Residence: Delaware (1) (7) (8) QUALIFIED LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE'S ADDRESS INSTITUTIONAL BUYER AND FACSIMILE NUMBER BUYER -------------------- ------------------------------- ------------- PORTSIDE GROWTH & Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP Yes OPPORTUNITY FUND 919 Third Avenue New York, New York 10022 Attention: Eleazer Klein, Esq.
Any ambiguity in this Agreement shall not be construed against any party because OMNI and PORTSIDE equally participated by legal counsel of choice in the drafting of the Agreement.
Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release means that certain Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release dated as of May 17, 2005, among OMNI, PORTSIDE and Ramius Capital Group, LLC.
Pursuant to the terms of the Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release, OMNI issued the Subordinated Note, certain shares of Common Stock pursuant to a conversion of certain Debentures and cash to PORTSIDE.