Definition of Polyethylene

Polyethylene means ethylene homopolymers and copolymers of ethylene with 1-butene, 1-hexene or 1-octene.
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Examples of Polyethylene in a sentence

Polyvinyl Chloride, Polyethylene, and Rubber Insulating Tape; Current Edition, Including All Revisions.
Slope drains shall be Corrugated Aluminum Alloy Pipe, Aluminized Corrugated Steel Pipe, Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE Pipe) or Polyvinyl-Chloride Pipe (PVC Pipe).
The replacement pipe used in pipe bursting operations shall be High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe manufactured from a high density, high molecular weight polyethylene resin which conforms to ASTM D-1248 and meets the requirements for Type III, Class A, Grade P34, Category 5, and has a PPI rating of PE 3408, when compounded.
Performance Tests: Polyethylene Duct testing procedures and test results shall meet the requirements of UL 651.
Bond-Breaker Tape: Polyethylene tape or other plastic tape recommended by sealant manufacturer for preventing sealant from adhering to rigid, inflexible joint-filler materials or joint surfaces at back of joint where such adhesion would result in sealant failure.