Definition of PN2

PN2 means Promissory Note 2 in the amount of US$7,000,000, non-interest bearing and fully secured by 100% of GEB's participating interest in the Tarapur Ring Fenced PSC ("RFPSC"). In the event PN2 is not paid in its entirety by March 31, 2014, the 100% of GEB's participating interest in the Tarapur RFPSC will revert back to GRB. (s)
Sample 1

Examples of PN2 in a sentence

Reason: To ensure that the development makes the fullest contribution to minimising carbon dioxide emissions in accordance with London Plan Policy 5.2 and Core Strategy Policies S7 and PN2.
This is a list of people following the scheme PN1 b(r)l piqitti u PN2 b(r)l isq$?ti itti PN3.
PN2 is payable immediately upon the occurrence of either (b)(ii) or (b)(iii).
Based upon those the assumptions, the following equation would provide the probability that the tax partnership would default in the third year: P(D3) = P(N1 [?] N2 [?] C3) = P(N1) x P(N2) x P(C3 ) = P(N1) x P(N2) x P(C3).
These texts are structured like the imittu debt notes, with the exception that they invariably concern the dues of the sharecroppers (zittu).294 The barley due, the property of the Lady of Uruk and Nan$?ya, is said to be at the responsibility (!a q$?t) of PN1, and charged against PN2.