Pieces definition

Pieces means one flyer in one envelope. Exclusivity: BMA agrees not to enter into the same Agreement with the same type of business with a place of business in the exclusive territory. Type of Business: Exclusive Territory: Fees:  Up to 100 pieces for $399  Up to 200 pieces for $497  Up to 300 pieces for $599 (RECOMMENDED)  Up to 400 pieces for $746  Up to 500 pieces for $893  Up to 600 pieces for $1040 Pricing & Payment: The customer agrees that a customer credit card should be charged the fee specified above as services begin each month. BMA begins work on scheduled mailings approximately one month before the scheduled mail date. This Agreement represents a discounted pricing in the first three months, such that the additional setup work of getting started is not charged for if the customer makes three consecutive payments. If the customer does not make three consecutive payments in a timely fashion, the client agrees that BMA is not obligated to three mailings. Instead, the successful charges pay for services as follows. The first charge covers the cost of the initial consultation, mail list development, and design of the first bulletin. The second charge covers the cost of the first mailing and the second bulletin design. The third charge covers the cost of the second mailing, the third mailing, and the third bulletin design. The fourth and each subsequent charge is payment in full for each bulletin design and its subsequent mailing. BMA will send a receipt to the customer with each charge. After three months, BMA may adjust pricing without canceling this Agreement. BMA must give 45 days notice before changing pricing.
Pieces means pimientos cut or broken into units with at least 1 square
Pieces means peeled white po­

Examples of Pieces in a sentence

  • Pieces of production equipment or groupings of equipment located on different oil and gas leases, mineral fee tracts, lease tracts, subsurface or surface unit areas, surface fee tracts, surface lease tracts, or separate surface sites, whether or not connected by a road, waterway, power line or pipeline, shall not be considered part of the same facility.

  • Malleable-Beam Clamps with Extension Pieces (MSS Type 30): For attaching to structural steel.

  • Pieces meeting Utilization Standards from such dead or unstable live trees shall be removed, unless there is agreement that to do so could damage the road.

  • Malleable Beam Clamps with Extension Pieces (MSS Type 30): For attaching to structural steel.

  • Please call for additional information:(800) 995-3579 Toll Free US & Canada (817) 607-5183 Local & InternationalCOMPLETE THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ON THIS FORM:PICK UP INFORMATIONRequested Pick Up Date: SHIPPER NAMESHIPPER ADDRESSSHIPPING INFORMATIONItems to be shippedNumber of Pieces Est.

  • Pieces meeting Utilization Standards from such dead or un- stable live trees shall be removed, unless there is agreement that to do so could damage the road.

  • Pieces must be properly packaged and capable of being handled by forklift trucks.

  • Pieces meeting Utilization Standards from such dead or unstable live trees shall be removed, unless there is agreement that to do so could damage theroad.

  • Pieces of broken stone or brick or wooden block shall not be used.

  • Total Prix UnitaireCANADIAN CUSTOMS CLEARANCE BY: Freeman Customs Services 877-478-1113XI.1 Total Number of Pieces / Nombre total de pieces18.

More Definitions of Pieces

Pieces means parts of fragments broken or separated from the whole.
Pieces means canned white po­ tatoes consisting of cut units of potatoes that do not conform to any of the fore­ going styles. “Orange cuts,” “quarters,” mixtures of whole and cut potatoes, and mixtures of irregular sizes and shapes are included in this style.

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