Definition of Performance Test Report

Performance Test Report means the test report following a performance test conducted in accordance with Appendix F hereof.
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Examples of Performance Test Report in a sentence

Within 60 days after the completion of a performance test conducted pursuant to Paragraph 44, the Applicable Company shall submit to the Applicable EPA Region and the Applicable Co-Plaintiff a Performance Test Report that includes, inter alia, the baseline flow rate and fan RPM established pursuant to Paragraph 38, the baseline static pressure for each air curtain established pursuant to Paragraph 40 (if applicable), and supporting documentation.
Clean Water Limited must submit a Final Performance Test Report to EPA and Ohio EPA containing the results of TOC and HAP performance testing, including as an addendum to the completed Final Performance Test Report information regarding partial, incomplete, or cancelled test runs, no later than sixty (60) Days after completing the performance testing.
Subsequently, TMI submitted a Plant Performance Test Report made by NPC on the test it conducted on PB 117 and PB 118 on January 24 to 27, 2011.
If the Performance Tests have been satisfactorily completed, Issuer shall deliver to Agent a report which indicates the preliminary opinions as to the satisfactory achievement of the Performance Tests (a Performance Test Report) and the Independent Engineer, will upon a thorough review of such Performance Test Report, certify in writing to Agent, within ten (10) Business Days of the receipt of such Performance Test Report, the satisfactory achievement of the Performance Tests.