Pairs definition

Pairs means a two-digit wager designed to match the first two, last two, or first and last digits of the Winning Numbers drawn by the CLC in exact order.
Pairs means a type of bet where a Subscriber attempts to forecast that the first number Drawn in a Game of Keno shall be one of a selected Pair of numbers in the Keno Grid;
Pairs means the Professional Association of Internes and Residents of Saskatchewan.

Examples of Pairs in a sentence

  • Pairs are cabled on common axis with No. 24 AWG, stranded (7x32) tinned copper drain wire.

  • Between Edges of Pairs of Doors: 1/8 inch plus or minus 1/16 inch.

  • Pairs: Provide fire-retardant stiles that are listed and labeled for applications indicated without formed-steel edges and astragals.

  • A new issuance of Hedgelet Pairs will commence no later than two (2) business days following the Expiration Date.

  • Splitting Pairs - Whenever the initial two (2) cards dealt to a player are the same value, the player may split the hand into two (2) separate hands provided that the wager placed on the second hand is equal to the original wager.

  • All such requests must be lodged by the team’s Captain or his designee, or by one member of the pair in the Pairs events.

  • The Payout Criterion for each Contract in the Hedgelet Pair will be set by HedgeStreet at the time the Hedgelet Pairs are initially issued.

  • A morphologically encoded subject in EP main clauses occurs since the – strong EPP feature on T allows predication for the ѵP.

  • Between Edges of Pairs of Doors: 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch plus or minus 1/32 inch.

  • After two (2) cards have been dealt to each player and the appropriate number to the dealer except where otherwise noted, the player will indicate whether he wishes to Double Down, Split Pairs, Stand, Draw or Surrender, if permitted by HCT.

More Definitions of Pairs

Pairs means a type of Play in which a Player wagers on only two (2) of the three (3) digits of a Pick 3 number.

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  • Ramp means a device to bridge the gap between the floor of a passenger compartment and the ground or kerb.

  • Demarcation Point means the point where Qwest owned or controlled facilities cease, and CLEC, End User Customer, premises owner or landlord ownership or control of facilities begin. "Designed, Verified and Assigned Date" or "DVA" means the date on which implementation groups are to report that all documents and materials have been received and are complete.

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  • Tier 3 Wire Centers means those Qwest Wire Centers that do not meet the criteria for Tier 1 or Tier 2 Wire Centers.

  • Airports means Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Chicago Midway International Airport.

  • Co-generation means the sequential production of electricity

  • Intermodal Rail Yard means a rail facility in which cargo is transferred from drayage truck to train or vice-versa.

  • Service agency means the public agency, the State or any local government unit or special purpose district which has the authority to provide police, fire fighting, medical or other emergency services, which has requested the local telephone company to provide an E9-1-1 Telecommunications Service for the purpose of voice-reporting emergencies by the public.

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  • Tier 2 Wire Centers means those CenturyLink Wire Centers that are not Tier 1 Wire Centers, but contain at least three (3) Fiber-based Collocators, at least twenty-four thousand (24,000) Business Lines, or both. Once a Wire Center is determined to be a Tier 2 Wire Center, that Wire Center is not subject to later reclassification as a Tier 3 Wire Center.

  • Service Areas means those areas within the Building used for stairs, elevator shafts, flues, vents, stacks, pipe shafts and other vertical penetrations (but shall not include any such areas for the exclusive use of a particular tenant).

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  • Recreational area means areas, excluding private single family residential areas, designated for active play, recreation or public assembly in parks, sports fields, picnic grounds, amphitheaters or golf course tees, fairways, roughs, surrounds and greens.

  • Access Point means a smaller area within a Procurement Area to which the same obligations under this Specification as apply to Procurement Areas will be attached unless otherwise stated in this Contract;

  • Single Phase Aerosol Air Freshener means an aerosol air freshener with the liquid contents in a single homogeneous phase and which does not require that the product container be shaken before use.