P0 definition

P0 means, in respect of each Share, the Initial Strike Price in respect of such Share; and

Examples of P0 in a sentence

  • If the currency in which the Contract Price P0 is expressed is different from the currency of origin of the labor and material indices, a correction factor will be applied to avoid incorrect adjustments of the Contract Price.

  • Hence, the membership of (P0 + P1)2 − (P0 + P1) in Ψ−2,−2 is equivalent to the principal symbol p1 of P1 satisfyinge1 + Πp1 + p1Π − p1 = 0.

  • We compute this:01(P0 + P1)2 − (P0 + P1) = P 2 − P0 + P0P1 + P1P0 − P1 + P 2 = E1 + P0P1 + P1P0 − P1 + F2,scscwhere F2 ∈ Ψ−2,−2, so irrelevant for our conclusion on the improved projection property.

  • We first write down the argument with U1 = U = ∂scT∗X, i.e. globally, and then simply remark on its microlocal nature.sc20One starts by taking any operator P0 ∈ Ψ0,0 with principal symbol Π; one can replace P0 by 1 (P0 + P∗)0scand thus assume that it is self-adjoint.

  • It is observed that as the flotation time increases (from P0 to P4) the froth height decreases (Figure 3a).

  • P0 is obtained by solving the above ME with the initial condition PM (t = 0) = δMM0 :00P (t|M ) = h1 − e−p, t µ(t')dt' iM0 .

  • Aθ pP f /¸ BThere is a map θ0 : P0 → A0 which lifts f0:A0θ0 p0P0 f0B¸/ 0Suppose given a lift up to degree n, ie.

  • For this, we project equation (2.1a) onto the kernel of the constraint which gives u˙[1] − P0A(u[1] + u[2]) = P0F.Here we have used P0D−λ = 0 which follows from D− : Q → Xc. Thus, we obtain withA0 = P0A|X0 ,u˙[1] − A0u[1] = P0 Au[2] + Ffor which we can use the variation-of-constants formula for evolution equations, since A0 is assumed to generate an analytic semigroup.

  • Moreover, the composition of f with the exact solution satisfies f (u) ∈ D(A).(A2) The initial condition is consistent, i.e., Du0 = G(0) and u0 ∈ D(A).D → D(A3) The constraint operator : X Q is linear, onto, and its kernel X0 := ker is a closed subspace of X.(A4) There exists a right-inverse D− : Q → X such that DD−q = q for all q ∈ Q.The existence of a right-inverse implies that X0 is a complemented subspace with pro- jection P0 := id −D−D : X → X0 and complement Xc := ker P0 = im D−.

  • The above result stems from the second version of the density:1 Z 1 R 1 2 2= ,ƒWN (λ) 2ve— 2H0 (h+p ) A(p) dP0(p),where P0 is the CBM conditioned to be mean-zero.

More Definitions of P0

P0 means base price of diesel in Rs. Per liter for bulk consumer
P0 a “critical” defect i.e. having a severe Customer impact namely stopping production or shipping and must be fixed urgently in which event Lighthouse will use all reasonable efforts to resolve the defect or find a “workaround” within 4 hours of notification of the Support Query;
P0 means the Compulsory Conversion Price in effect immediately prior to such adjustment;
P0 means, in respect of each Share, the Initial Strike Price in respect of such Share; and " Wi " means, in respect of each Share, the Weighting in respect of such Share.

Related to P0

  • d0 means, in relation to any Observation Period, the number of USGS Business Days in such Observation Period;

  • PM10 means particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter less than or equal to a nominal 10 micrometers as measured by an EPA reference or equivalent method.

  • Y2 is the year, expressed as a number, in which the day immediately following the last day of the Interest Period falls;

  • Mining Xxx 0000 means the Mining Xxx 0000 and the amendments thereto and the regulations made thereunder as in force on 31st December, 1981;

  • Project Number means a unique number assigned to the project by the department or the city, village, town or county that is undertaking the project.

  • N1 means the number of calendar days in the relevant Interest Period; “d” means the number of calendar days in the relevant Interest Period; “Margin” has the meaning specified in the Final Terms;

  • Process weight means the total weight of all materials introduced into any source operation. Solid fuels charged will be considered as part of the process weight, but liquid and gaseous fuels and combustion air will not.

  • MI 11-102 means Multilateral Instrument 11-102 – Passport System;

  • Y1 is the year, expressed as a number, in which the first day of the Interest Period falls;

  • Lot width means the shorter of the following two linear measurements:

  • TBD or “To Be Determined” are items listed in tables that are not yet identified. Any and all TBD items, set forth in tables contained herein, shall be determined by mutual agreement between the Contractor’s liaison and the Meeting Planner and confirmed in writing.

  • LRN means a unique ten- (10)-digit number assigned to a Central Office Switch in a defined geographic area for call routing purposes. This ten- (10)-digit number serves as a network address and the routing information is stored in a database. Switches routing calls to subscribers whose telephone numbers are in portable NXXs perform a database query to obtain the Location Routing Number that corresponds with the Switch serving the dialed telephone number. Based on the Location Routing Number, the querying Carrier then routes the call to the Switch serving the ported number. The term "LRN" may also be used to refer to a method of LNP. "Long Distance Service" (see "Interexchange Service").

  • SAT means the State Administration of Taxation of the PRC.

  • SAQA means the South African Qualifications Authority;

  • Lot number or “batch number” means a distinctive group of numbers, letters, or symbols or any combination of these that is unique to a group of cannabis goods.

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