Definition of Output File

Output File means an output file you create with the Software. "Permitted Number" means one (1) unless otherwise indicated under a valid license (e.g., volume license) granted by Adobe. "Redistributables" mean the files identified as Adobe Redistributable in the REDISTRB.TXT file located (a) on the Software CD-ROM, (b) if the Software was downloaded, in the unpacked installation folder or (c) in the Adobe RoboHelp folder on the computer hard drive. "Software" means (a) all of the information with which this agreement is provided, including but not limited to (i) Adobe or third party software files and other computer information; (ii) sample and stock photographs, images, sounds, clip art and other artistic works bundled with Adobe software and not obtained from Adobe through a separate service (unless otherwise noted within that service) or from another party through a separate service ("Content Files"); (iii) related explanatory written materials and files ("Documentation"); and (iv) fonts; and (b) any modified versions and copies of, and upgrades, updates and additions to, such information, provided to you by Adobe at any time, to the extent not provided under a separate agreement (collectively, "Updates"). 2. Software License. If you obtained the Software and any required serial number(s) from Adobe or one of its authorized licensees and as long as you comply with the terms of this agreement, Adobe grants you a non-exclusive license to install and use the Software in a manner consistent with its design and Documentation and as further set forth below. See Section 16 for specific provisions related to the use of certain products and components, including but not limited to font software, Acrobat, After Effects, Adobe Presenter, Contribute, FrameMaker, Flash Player, RoboHelp, Version Cue and Adobe Runtimes. 2.1 General Use. You may install and use one copy of the Software on up to the Permitted Number of your compatible Computers as long as, when required by the Software, you present a valid serial number for each copy; and 2.2 Distribution from Server. You may copy an image of the Software onto file server(s) within your Internal Network for the purpose of downloading and installing the Software onto Computers within the same Internal Network for use as permitted by Section 2.1; and 2.3 Server Use. You may install the Software on Computer file server(s) within your Internal Network only for use of the Software initiated by an individual from a Computer within the same Internal Network as permitted by Section 2.1. The total number of users (not the concurrent number of users) able to use the Software on such Computer file server(s) may not exceed the Permitted Number. By way of example, the foregoing does not permit you to install or access (either directly or through commands, data or instructions) the Software: (i) from or to a Computer not part of your Internal Network, (ii) for enabling web hosted workgroups or services available to the public, (iii) by any individual or entity to use, download, copy or otherwise benefit from the functionality of the Software unless licensed to do so by Adobe, (iv) as a component of a system, workflow or service accessible by more than the Permitted Number of users, or (v) for operations not initiated by an individual user (e.g., automated server processing); and 2.4 Portable or Home Computer Use. Subject to the important restrictions set forth in Section 2.5, the primary user of the Computer on which the Software is installed under Section 2.1 ("Primary User") may install a second copy of the Software for his or her exclusive use on either a portable Computer or a Computer located at his or her home, provided that the Software on the portable or home Computer is not used at the same time as the Software on the primary Computer. You may be required to contact Adobe in order to make a second copy. CONTRACT 071B4300137

Examples of Output File in a sentence

Mount the load resistors and terminal block either inside the back of Output File No. 1 or on the upper area of the Service Panel.
Distribution of the resulting Output File or developer application on a non-PC device requires Customer to obtain licenses which may be subject to additional royalties.
Copy of NDNH Records in the Output File OCSE may retain copies of the records contained in the NDNH output file provided to the state agency by OCSE only for the period of time required to ensure the successful transmission of the output file to the state agency, but no longer than 60 days after the transmission of the output files to the state agency.
Common Output File format for input is v1.3 and for output is v1.4. 6.
Input File Type Output File Type HDF4 based HDF-EOS (HDF-EOS) GeoTIFF HDF4 based HDF-EOS (HDF-EOS) Binary HDF5 based HDF-EOS (HDF-EOS5) GeoTIFF HDF5 based HDF-EOS (HDF-EOS5) SMAP HDF5 L3/L4 Files GeoTIFF HDF5 GeoTIFF output is input to ARCView, ERDAS and ENVI applications.