Outcome Start Date definition

Outcome Start Date means the start date for an Outcome as specified in Column B of Table 1 in Annexure B1.
Outcome Start Date means the first day of Employment which, when completed by the Eligible Job Seeker, meets the requirement of an Employment Outcome and which day is recorded on Our IT Systems in accordance with any Guidelines.

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The Sponsor will provide a copy of the Declaration, the Common Securities Guarantee and the Indenture (including any supplemental indenture) to a Holder without charge upon written request to the Trust at its principal place of business.

Annexure B1 – Outcomes and PaymentsTable 1 – OutcomesNote: Table 1 provides a description of the different types of Outcomes which can be achieved by Participants in the Transition to Work Service and relevant Outcome Start Date and Outcome Completion Date.

Officers are capable of checking their email via Outlook Web Address (OWA) with their In-Vehicle Computers.Key ThemesAll the action items listed below in the Technical Equipment / Monitor’s Findings area are related to Mobile Technology –worn by the officer and in- vehicle.

For Sustainability Outcomes, the Outcome Start Date is the first day following the completion of a 12 Week Employment Outcome or 12 Week Hybrid Outcome.

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Start Date for Term Calculation Purposes Only: Regardless of actual award/effective date of Contract, for Agreement “term” calculation purposes only, the Agreement “start date” is the last day of the month that Award Notifications are anticipated as published in the Solicitation. Example: If the anticipated award date published in the Solicitation is August 27, 2020 but extended negotiations delay award until September 24, 2020 the end date of the resulting initial “two-year” term Agreement, (which is subject to an extension(s)) will still be August 31, 2022.
Service Start Date means the date on which services were first supplied under this Agreement.
Supply Start Date means for a Supply Point, the date we become the Registered supplier to it;
Start continue," or "completion," are not specific and will not
Contract Start Date means the date specified in your Contract for Signature asthe date this Contract starts;
Index Start Date means the date specified as such in the Data Table.
Commercial Operation Date means the date on which a Material Project is substantially complete and commercially operable.
First Year means the period beginning on the Commencement Date and ending on the last day of the Financial Year in which the Commencement Date falls;
Budget Year means the financial year of the municipality for which an annual budget is to be approved in terms of section 16(1) of the MFMA;
Start-Up Period means up to 7 Academy Financial Years and covers the period up to and including the first Academy Financial Year in which all age groups are present at the Academy (that is, all the pupil cohorts relevant to the age range of the Academy will have some pupils present).
Application Review Start Date means the later date of either the date on which the District issues its written notice that the Applicant has submitted a completed Application or the date on which the Comptroller issues its written notice that the Applicant has submitted a completed Application and as further identified in Section 2.3.A of this Agreement.
Framework Commencement Date means [insert date dd/mm/yyyy];
Scheduled Commercial Operation Date shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 5.4.1;
Operational Period means the Certificate’s actual term of validity, beginning with the start of the Validity Period and ending on the earlier of: (i) the end of the Validity Period disclosed in the Certificate; or (ii) the revocation of the Certificate.
Completion Date means the date of expiry of the Contract set out in clause A 4.1 (Initial Contract Period) of the Contract.
Divestiture Date means the date on which Respondents (or the Divestiture Trustee) close on a transaction to divest the Retail Fuel Assets.
Benchmark Transition Start Date means (a) in the case of a Benchmark Transition Event, the earlier of (i) the applicable Benchmark Replacement Date and (ii) if such Benchmark Transition Event is a public statement or publication of information of a prospective event, the 90th day prior to the expected date of such event as of such public statement or publication of information (or if the expected date of such prospective event is fewer than 90 days after such statement or publication, the date of such statement or publication) and (b) in the case of an Early Opt-in Election, the date specified by the Administrative Agent or the Required Lenders, as applicable, by notice to the Borrower, the Administrative Agent (in the case of such notice by the Required Lenders) and the Lenders.
Final Completion Date means the date on which Final Completion occurs.
Implementation Period means the period from the date of signing of the Agreement and up to the issuance of Final Acceptance Certificate for the project.
Completion Period means the period starting from the date of issue of "Order" and required to complete the work in all respect.
Commercial Operation Date (COD) means the date as defined in Clause no. 17, Section-II, Instructions to Bidders (ITB) of RfS;
Commercial Operations Date bears the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 1 of the Power Purchase Agreement;
Services Commencement Date means, with respect to any Fund or Class thereof, (i) if the registration statement of the Fund or Class is effective as of the Effective Date, then such Effective Date; (ii), if such registration statement is not effective as of the Effective Date, then the date such registration statement is declared effective; or (iii) such other date as may be agreed in writing by the Parties.
Construction Commencement Date means the date set out in the Addendum, if applicable, by which you must commence construction of the Hotel. For the Hotel to be considered under construction, youmust have begun to pour concrete foundations for the Hotel or otherwise satisfied any site-specific criteria for “under construction” set out in the Addendum.
Amortization Commencement Date means the date on which an Amortization Event is deemed to occur pursuant to Section 20 hereof.
Distribution Commencement Date means the Issue Date or such other date as may be specified as the Distribution Commencement Date on the face of such Perpetual Security;