Organised definition

Organised means planned in a pattern or sequence with established aims or curricula and which involves an educational agency that organises the learning situation and/or teachers who are employed (including unpaid volunteers) to consciously organise the communication.
Organised means treaty management practice should be systematic, efficient and regular. This includes the following:
Organised means any activity or 40

Examples of Organised in a sentence

United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organised Crime, opened for signature 12 December 2000, UNGAOR 55/25 (entered into force 29 September 2003) (‘UNTOC’).

Organised by the Literacy Unit, USM and Penang Education Department.

The publication has nine chapters, three of which contain these indications of relating to the GCT: chapter five, ‘The Process of Choice’; chapter six, ‘The Logic of Choice in American Colleges and Universities’; and chapter nine, ‘Leadership in Organised Anarchy’.

The Organised Cleaning Company has an established presence in both the commercial and domestic cleaning markets in London & the Home Counties.

Organised symposia sessions are encouraged and expected to make a distinctive and creative contribution to the Seminar.

We also contribute to regional networks when appropriate, for example Organised Crime.

This section is specific to the cleaning services which The Organised Cleaning Company is pricing for [company-name] at [site-address].

The Organised Cleaning Company is a commercial cleaning business which has been operating in the commercial & domestic property markets in London and the Home Counties since 2012.

We continued to work with other agencies to target the illegal movement of shellfish, including work through the Serious Organised Crime arrangements.

The trade may be executed on a number of different Trading Venues, defines as the following: • Regulated Markets (RM);• Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTF)• Organised Trading Facilities (OTF) Clients will have consented by signing IBP Markets Limited’s Terms of Business to their orders being executed outside a trading venue.

More Definitions of Organised

Organised in union speak means members know who their elected reps are and workplace union reps who know how to identify issues of concern and when to make contact with the ANMF for assistance.
Organised events means primarily those that are organised by an agency, such as FCS or a local authority, as opposed to informal events organised by individuals. Survey respondents were left to make their own interpretation of the meaning of ‘organised’ and it is possible that a small proportion will have included ‘self- organised’ events (e.g. running with friends or small group outings) in their responses.

Related to Organised

Organisers means the organization named as the Organiser(s) of the Exhibition on the Application Form.
Limited liability company means a limited liability company formed under Chapter 1705 of the Ohio Revised Code or under the laws of another state.
Event Organiser means the party who owns the rights to or is organising the Exhibition.
Republic means the Republic of South Africa.
Foreign limited liability company means an unincorporated entity formed under the law of a jurisdiction other than this state and denominated by that law as a limited liability company.
Limited liability means that the liability of each shareholder is limited to the amount unpaid by the shareholder on the shares of the company (except in exceptional circumstances, such as involving fraud, the establishment of an agency relationship or an illegal or improper purpose or other circumstances in which a court may be prepared to pierce or lift the corporate veil).
Good Standing means not being blacklisted or involved in illegal activities ,must comply with Sol Plaatje Municipality Credit Control Policy with regard to payments for services , and must have satisfactorily complied with present and previous contractual obligations.
Organisation means a natural person, a legal person or part of a legal person. Such an organisation may be established at more than one location whether or not within the territory of the Member States;
Limited liability partnership or “LLP” shall mean a Company governed by Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 or as amended;
Registered Office means the registered office for the time being of the Company.
international organisation means an organisation and its subordinate bodies governed by public international law, or any other body which is set up by, or on the basis of, an agreement between two or more countries.
Foreign limited liability partnership means a partnership that:
In good standing means a person who has not resigned or been suspended from membership or registration or had membership or registration revoked;