Open Beta definition

Open Beta means a secure testing by public applicants to the beta testing program, subject to the Beta End User License Agreement and subject to RGI’s Approval, of a follow up and new Beta version of the Localized Game prior to Commercial Release.
Open Beta means the version of the Licensed Game that contains complete content, is feature-ready, and is accepting revenues.”
Open Beta means Milestone 23- the Open Beta Version of the Game is available for download by any and all end users of the Platform free of charge, and the internal monetization features of the Game have been activated so that end users can purchase virtual items inside the Game.”

Examples of Open Beta in a sentence

  • Parking cards can be used in pay by phone bays, pay and display bays and in shared-use bays.

  • Licensee will not publish, launch, distribute or otherwise commence exploitation of any game in the [***] or [***] (other than Exempted Games) within three (3) months of the Game entering Open Beta in any portion of the Territory.

  • An absolute right to sell a home while situated on the Park should be limited to fixed term tenancies that have not expired.

  • Warframe went Open Beta on PC in March 2013, when there were just over 500,000 registered players.

  • JCE shall, after the Open Beta Test in the Territory, continue to provide T2 Entertainment with the technical assistance necessary for T2 Entertainment to provide and maintain the T2 Service in the Territory, during the Term of this Agreement.

  • In order to nd out the belief for events such as ωx∧y∧z¯, which corresponds to a situation where TRL items x and y have been reached but z has not.

  • JCE, and its permitted successor and assignee, shall exclusively own all Intellectual Property Rights, in perpetuity and in all languages, embodied in or pertaining to the Localized Game (including, without limitation, the Closed Beta Version and the Open Beta Version) and any and all Promotional Materials and Game Materials created by JCE, and T2 Entertainment hereby makes a full, irrevocable assignment, in perpetuity, to JCE of all such Intellectual Property Rights.

  • JCE shall continue after the launching of the Closed Beta Version in the Territory to provide T2 Entertainment with the technical assistance necessary for T2 Entertainment to launch its Open Beta Test of the Localized Game in the Territory before the initial date of the Open Beta Test.

  • Client is authorized to use the IBM z Systems Open Beta Cloud Service during the specified beta period for the purpose of evaluating the Programs' functionality and to provide feedback to IBM.

  • Games in Early Access or Open Beta Phase can be submitted as well.

More Definitions of Open Beta

Open Beta means the open beta milestone of the Licensed Game as further described in the Exhibit A (Specification and Milestone Schedule) of the Game Development Agreement.

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