On-Site Service definition

On-Site Service means that a Physio-Control factory-trained technician will provide service at Customer's location. Services will be performed between 8:00am and 5:00pm local time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Customer is to ensure Covered Equipment is available for service at scheduled times. Some service may not be completed On-Site. Physio-Control will cover travel and/or round-trip freight for Covered Equipment that must be sent to our designated service facility for repair.
On-Site Service means services performed on behalf of THE CUSTOMER by UNIVISTA at any location requested by a CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVE as defined in this agreement.
On-Site Service means the provision of the services of a qualified technician at the location of a defective or allegedly defective product sold or supplied by Gateway 2000, Inc. ("respondent") in an attempt to repair, replace, or otherwise correct a problem described by a purchaser to the respondent.

Examples of On-Site Service in a sentence

  • File contains the General, Worker’s Comp, Automobile liability and additional insurance certificates for the On-Site Service providers and vendors.

More Definitions of On-Site Service

On-Site Service means Service performed by TAM or an authorized agent of TAM, at the Equipment location specified in TAM Quote in exchange for Customer's payment of the appropriate fee.
On-Site Service means any service work provided

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