On-Site Parking Facilities definition

On-Site Parking Facilities means and refer to the subterranean parking facilities located below the Building, which facilities are owned and operated by Landlord pursuant to its rights under the Ground Lease. "Off-Site Parking Facilities" shall mean and refer to such parking facilities located not more than four blocks from the Building, which facilities will be operated by Landlord or Landlord's designee pursuant to an operation agreement with the Agency.
On-Site Parking Facilities means those areas immediately adjacent to the Stadium to be available for the parking of motor vehicles by persons attending events at the Stadium.

Examples of On-Site Parking Facilities in a sentence

  • As of the date of execution of this Lease, the fees for unreserved parking spaces located in the On-Site Parking Facilities is equal to Seventy-five Dollars ($75) per space and for parking spaces located in the Off-Site Parking Facilities, Fifty-five Dollars ($55) per space.

  • The "parking areas" for the Building are comprised of the On-Site Parking Facilities and the Off-Site Parking Facilities.

  • The City shall operate and maintain or cause to be operated and maintained OnSite Parking Facilities and Off-Site Parking Facilities for not less than a total of twenty thousand (20,000) motor vehicles, the OnSite Parking Facilities portion of which shall accommodate not less than fifteen thousand (15,000) motor vehicles.

  • The Chargers and the City shall divide the proceeds of any partial taking in accordance with their respective interests in the right to use the Stadium, Stadium Premises and On-Site Parking Facilities.

  • Commencing with the 1997 Pre-Season and throughout the term of this Agreement, the Chargers shall have the right (exercised in the Chargers' sole and absolute discretion) at any time and from time to time to cause parking fees charged at all On-Site Parking Facilities during Home Games to be increased in excess of the rate in existence for the 1996 Regular Football Season per vehicle without the approval of the City.

  • Resolution 2013-38 Designating the On-Site Parking Facilities at The Lafayette Library and Learning Center As a Three-Hour Parking Time Zone, Monday Through Friday,7:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Except for Vehicles Displaying Valid Staff or Special Guest Parking PermitRecommendation: Adopt Resolution 2013-038.

  • All grant budgets are entered into the accounts of the District in the general ledger.

  • Landlord shall also have the right to temporarily or permanently relocate and redesignate Tenant's spaces in the On-site Parking Facilities to other areas located in the On-Site Parking Facilities in order to provide parking facilities for all tenants of the Building.

  • Tenant shall be entitled, but not obligated, to rent up to a total number of Two (2) parking spaces located within the On-Site Parking Facilities.

  • At Closing, Lessor shall assign to Lessee all of Lessor's right, title and interest in and to the On-Site Parking Facilities at no additional cost to Lessee.

Related to On-Site Parking Facilities

  • Parking Facilities means parking lots or other off-street areas for the parking of vehicles, including areas below or above the surface of streets.

  • Parking Facility means a parking area or structure having

  • Common Areas and Facilities , in relation to a building, means all parts of the building or the land on which it is located and all easements, rights an appurtenances belonging to the land or the building, which are neither in the exclusive possession of an apartment owner in terms of this conveyance deed of apartment, nor are handed over or intended to be handed over to the local authority or other public service agency and shall include the limited common areas and facilities;

  • Generating Facilities means Interconnection Customer’s device for the production and/or storage for later injection of electricity identified in the Interconnection Request, but shall not include the Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities. Generation Interconnection Customer:

  • Common Facilities means the facilities under D.G.sets/D.G.rooms, water storage tanks its pumping and supply system, sewerage & drainage systems, electric sub-station/ transformers/electric panels/distribution network, maintenance service rooms, lawns including lighting & services etc., roads, pathways & driveways including street lighting & services etc., guard posts, fire hydrants & fire fighting system etc. and all such facilities and areas for common use and excluded from the computation of Super Area of the Said Premises;

  • Project Site(s) means the place(s) specified in the SCC for the supply and installation of the System.

  • Parking Areas means those portions of the Common Areas or other areas under Landlord’s control which from time to time are designated by the Landlord for the parking of automobiles and other automotive vehicles while engaged in business upon the Premises (other than while being used to make deliveries to and from the Premises).

  • Garage means a place within a project having a roof and walls on three sides for parking any vehicle, but does not include an unenclosed or uncovered parking space such as open parking areas;

  • Parking Garage means a building or portion of a building, other than a private garage, that is used for the temporary parking of motor vehicles;

  • Railroad facilities means right of way and related

  • Existing Facilities means all existing buildings and other facilities, the sites for the buildings or facilities, and furnishings or equipment for the buildings or facilities located on real property acquired by the building authority under the terms of this act.

  • Generating Facility means the Generating Unit(s) comprising Seller’s power plant, as more particularly described in Section 1.02 and Exhibit B, including all other materials, equipment, systems, structures, features and improvements necessary to produce electric energy and thermal energy, excluding the Site, land rights and interests in land.

  • On-site facility means a structural BMP located within the subject property boundary described in the permit application for land development activity.

  • Parking Structure means a wholly or partly enclosed structure for temporary parking and protection of one or more motor vehicles which are otherwise in active use and which, when accessory to a single family residential building, includes an attached or detached carport or garage or a dedicated space within the principal building; (Bylaw 6833)

  • Project site, where applicable, means the place indicated in bidding documents.

  • Shared Facilities means the gen-tie lines, transformers, substations, or other equipment, permits, contract rights, and other assets and property (real or personal), in each case, as necessary to enable delivery of energy from the Facility (which is excluded from Shared Facilities) to the point of interconnection, including the Interconnection Agreement itself, that are used in common with third parties.

  • Common Areas is defined as all areas and facilities outside the Premises and within the exterior boundary line of the Industrial Center and interior utility raceways within the Premises that are provided and designated by the Lessor from time to time for the general non-exclusive use of Lessor, Lessee and other lessees of the Industrial Center and their respective employees, suppliers, shippers, customers, contractors and invitees, including parking areas, loading and unloading areas, trash areas, roadways, sidewalks, walkways, parkways, driveways and landscaped areas.

  • construction site means a workplace where construction work is being performed;

  • Parking Area means an area provided for the parking of motor vehicles and may include aisles, parking spaces, pedestrian walkways, and related ingress and egress lanes, but shall not include any part of a public street.

  • Project Facilities means those facilities of the system which will, in whole or in part, serve the purposes of this contract by conserving water and making it available for use in and above the Delta and for export from the Delta and from such additional facilities as are defined in Article 1(h)(2) herein, and by conveying water to the Agency. Said project facilities shall consist specifically of “project conservation facilities” and “project transportation facilities”, as hereinafter defined.

  • Project means specific activities of the Grantee that are supported by funds provided under this Contract.

  • Project Location means the points or areas designated as such on Exhibit A and located on the ground by reference to points, stations, natural land features, improvements, or area boundary signs. STATE means the Oregon Department of Forestry, State Forester, or a duly Authorized Representative of the State Forester.

  • Communications Equipment means, as to any Site, all equipment now or hereafter installed at (i) the T-Mobile Collocation Space with respect to T-Mobile Collocator and (ii) any other portion of the Site with respect to a Tower Subtenant, for the provision of current or future communication services, including voice, video, internet and other data services. Such equipment shall include switches, antennas, including microwave antennas, panels, conduits, flexible transmission lines, Cables, radios, amplifiers, filters, interconnect transmission equipment and all associated software and hardware, and will include any modifications, replacements and upgrades to such equipment.

  • The Project Site, where applicable, means the place or places named in the SCC.

  • Parking means that part of the street, avenue or highway in the city not covered by sidewalk and lying between the lot line and the curb line; or, on unpaved streets, that part of the street, avenue or highway lying between the lot line and that portion of the street usually traveled by vehicular traffic.

  • New Facilities means facilities for which, by the cut-off date, neither of the following events has occurred: