Definition of OLMMP

OLMMP means a type of interactive game software that is generally known in the industry as an online massively-multiplayer persistent universe that is capable of supporting more than 1000 simultaneous users per realm (with all such simultaneous users being capable of interacting with one another), and includes server software that operates on one or more network servers, but that may also include client VUG WoW License: P.R.C. Page 3 CONFIDENTIAL software distributed to end-users for use or operation on a computing platform which nonetheless must be online to enable the use of any or most of the game softwares features or functions. Current examples of an OLMMP are Everquest, The Legend of Mir and Lineage.

Examples of OLMMP in a sentence

Game Cards and Online Virtual Game Cards shall not be capable of enabling credit toward any other good or service, including any other OLMMP game.
Licensee acknowledges that the hacking of an OLMMP has been found to have a material adverse effect on the commercial viability and User experience of the game.