Office Lease definition

Office Lease means any space Lease solely for an office or any other administrative operations, but specifically excluding all Mining Leases and Prep Plant Leases.
Office Lease means the lease dated as of May 13, 2006 between the Seller and Royal Office Condominium Investors, LLC relating to the premises occupied by the Seller at 3060 Royal Boulevard South, Suite 115, Alpharetta, Georgia 30022.

Examples of Office Lease in a sentence

Oyster Point Marina Plaza Office Lease Kashiwa Fudosan America, Inc.

Except as stated on the record at the Sale Hearing with respect to that certain Office Lease between landlord Merchants Exchange Building LLC and debtor 465 California St SF LLC, the Buyer shall not be required, pursuant to section 365(1) of the Bankruptcy Code or otherwise, to provide any additional deposit or security with respect to any of the Assigned Contracts to the extent not previously provided by the Debtors.

Fourth Amendment to Office Lease between the Registrant and Matco Enterprises, Inc.

Sixth Amendment to Office Lease between the Registrant and Matco Enterprises, Inc.

Amendment to Multi-Tenant Office Lease Agreement between the Registrant and EDB Property Partners, LP III, successor to Laurel Larchmont Office, Inc.

More Definitions of Office Lease

Office Lease means that certain lease, as amended through the date hereof, between the Company and 89 Haddon Avenue Associates, LLC with respect to the premises located at 89 North Haddonfield Avenue, Haddonfield, New Jersey.
Office Lease means the 390 Main Street Office Lease between the Authority, as landlord, and the District, as tenant.
Office Lease means the Agreement of Sublease, dated as of October 3, 2001, between Edison, as landlord and the Borrower, as tenant, as modified, supplemented or amended from time to time.
Office Lease means the office lease agreement between Cardiome and Central 1 Credit Union dated July 23, 2014;