Occupy definition

Occupy. “Occupation” and “Occupied” means occupation for the purposes of the Planning Permission but not including occupation by personnel engaged in the construction fitting out or decoration or occupation for marketing or display or occupation in relation to security operations
Occupy means to make expenditures to alter or repair a vacant facility equal to at least twenty per cent of the market value of the facility prior to such expenditures, as determined for the purposes of local property taxation.
Occupy or “occupies” means residing on or to be in actual or apparent possession or control of property;

Examples of Occupy in a sentence

  • See David Graebers report on Occupy Wall Street: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2011/sep/25/occupy-wall-street-protest and Paul Masons speculative analysis earlier this year on the reasons behind the uprisings: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/newsnight/paulmason/2011/02/twenty_reasons_why_its_kicking.html.

  • The relationship between cyberbalkanization and opinion polarization: Time-series analysis on Facebook pages and opinion polls during the Hong Kong Occupy Movement and the associated debate on political reform.

  • Our field has considered these issues before and recent critiques of leaderless political movements (think Occupy Wall Street80) suggest that many have come to appreciate the value of our profession—groups and individuals in conflict need help to sort out their differences politically, socially, and emotionally.

  • Report on the National Science Foundation Workshops on Undergraduate Education.

  • THAT Council, pursuant to Section 32 (2) of the Local Government Act hereby delegates to the Chief Executive Officer, the power to finalise the details and all other matters related to the Permit to Occupy in accordance with Report Number 17CO0020 DL:jw entitled Nightcliff Primary School – Request of Lease for use of Council Land.

More Definitions of Occupy

Occupy means taking beneficial occupation of a building forming part of the Development for any purpose authorised by the Planning Permission but not including occupation by personnel engaged in construction fitting out finishing or decoration of that building nor occupation in relation to site and building security operations and “Occupation” “Occupier” or “Occupied” shall be construed accordingly
Occupy or "occupies" as used in this Lease shall mean use of the Premises for any reason by Tenant or Tenant's agents, licensees, employees, directors, officers, partners, trustees, and invitees (collectively, "Tenant's Employee").
Occupy or “Occupied” means (a) with respect to any tenant which is not an Affiliate of any Borrower Party (other than third party tenants and licensees covered by clause (b) below), such tenant shall (i) be party to a bona fide arm’s length Lease with an initial lease term of not less than three years and meeting the standards of the Leasing Guidelines, (ii) have accepted (or been deemed to have accepted in accordance with the terms of its lease) the delivery of all of the space to be demised under the terms of its respective lease, including any Tenant Improvement Work to be performed by Borrower, subject in each case to Punch List Items, and (iii) have actually occupied such space, begun the operation of its business from such space and paying Rent thereunder, and (b) with respect to any third party tenant or licensee of the signage or third party antenna tenants or licensees at the Project, such licensee or tenant, as applicable, shall have accepted the delivery of all of its respective premises, including any Tenant Improvement Work to be performed by Borrower.
Occupy. “occupying,” and “occupied” means a person’s location inside of a motor vehicle.
Occupy. (also Occupied and Occupancy) The leaving of personal possessions in a property shall not qualify as a sufficient definition or proof of occupancy. Occupancy is proven by tenant showing and demonstrating actual, open and notorious, exclusive, adverse and continuous control of the property.
Occupy means occupy as an only or main residence;
Occupy means to hold, possess, do business, reside, or otherwise conduct activity in or on.