Nyayadhikari definition

Nyayadhikari means the presiding officer of a Gram Nyayalaya appointed under sub-section (2) of section 5;
Nyayadhikari means the presiding officer of a Gram Nyayalaya appointed under section 5;
Nyayadhikari means and includes both Grama Nyayadhikari and Nagara Nyayadhikari as specified in Section 4;

Examples of Nyayadhikari in a sentence

  • Nyayadhikari to hold mobile courts and conduct proceedings in villages.

  • Salary, allowances and other terms and conditions of service of Nyayadhikari.

  • Nyayadhikari not to preside over proceedings in which he is interested.

  • Every Police Officer functioning within the jurisdiction of a Nyayadhikari shall be bound to assist the Nyayadhikari in the exercise of his lawful authority.

  • In order to attract talented persons to the post of Nyayadhikari, it is necessary that the service conditions of the post are good.

  • The Nyayadhikari also may award a sentence of imprisonment in lieu of fine, provided the total imprisonment awarded by him in respect of any accused in a case shall not exceed a term of one year.

  • The Nyayadhikari shall then examine the complainant and the witnesses, if any, produced by the complainant and the accused.

  • The Nyayadhikari shall try all the civil disputes specified in Section 14 and the criminal cases relating to offences specified in Section 25.

  • Every Gram Nyayalaya established under sub-section (1) of section 3 shall be presided over by a Nyayadhikari.(2) The Nyayadhikari shall be appointed by the Governor of the State in consultation with the High Court in accordance with the rules made in this behalf.

  • The District and Sessions Judge having jurisdiction may on an application by any party or when there is heavy pendency with one Nyayadhikari or whenever he considers it necessary in the interests of justice, transfer any case pending before a Nyayadhikari to any other Nyayadhikari within his jurisdiction.

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