Neutered definition

Neutered means sexually sterile regardless of gender, and includes a dog or cat that has been certified by a veterinarian as too old, or physically unable to be neutered;
Neutered means any animal that is sexually sterile;
Neutered means rendered permanently incapable of reproduction as certified by a licensed veteran. Section 27. Provisions Relating to Rabies Vaccination A. Vaccination and license requirements. No person shall own, keep, harbor or maintain any cat over seven (7) months of age within the Borough of Manville unless such cat is vaccinated and licensed. The provisions of this section do not apply to cats held in a cattery, or those held by a state or federal licensed research facility, or a veterinary establishment where cats are received or kept for diagnostic, medical, surgical or other treatments, or licensed animal shelters, pounds, kennels, or pet shops. B. Vaccination. All cats shall be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian in accordance with the latest "Compendium of Animal Rabies Vaccines and Recommendations for Immunization" published by the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians, except as provided for in paragraph d. C. Vaccination certificate. A certificate of vaccination shall be issued to the owner of each animal vaccinated on a form recommended by the state. D. Exemptions. Any cat may be exempted from the requirements of such vaccination for a specified period of time by the Borough of Manville Board of Health upon presentation of a veterinarian's certificate stating that, because of an infirmity or other physical condition, or regimen of therapy, the inoculation of such cat shall be deemed inadvisable.

Examples of Neutered in a sentence

  • Five (5) points plus one (1) point for each Neutered dog of the breed exhibited at the fixture.

  • Any dog disqualified for this reason at a Conformation Show or otherwise proven shall be placed on the Limited Register and remain there until it can be proved to the satisfaction of the Member body that it is physically entire or in the case of a Neutered dog, in which case it can be moved to the Neuter Register.

  • Neutered dogs and bitches shall be approved to compete at any ANKC Ltd official Show, where the following neutered classes are offered.

  • Only points accrued as a Neutered dog will be accepted towards the Neuter Champion title.

  • Five (5) points plus one (1) point for each Neutered bitch of the breed exhibited at the fixture.

  • Shelters; Sale or Gift of Dog or Cat Not Spayed or Neutered 397 Section 23-11.

  • Neutered Registered Dog: A dog or bitch registered on the Association’s Main or Limited Register as a neutered dog.

  • Neutered Main Registered Dogs may not participate in Championship, Breed Specialty, Open Shows or Parades, except in Veteran Class and Neuter Classes when provided.

  • Neutered Main or Limited Registered Dogs may participate in Obedience, Agility, Endurance, Tracking, Field and Retrieving Trials.

  • A dog who has gained the title of Champion, Supreme Champion or Grand Champion prior to being entered on the ANKC Ltd Main register as Neutered, shall retain such titles in addition to Neutered Champion.

More Definitions of Neutered

Neutered means a male animal whose testicles have been surgically removed.
Neutered means to have nonfunctioning generative organs and includes a female who is spayed;
Neutered means a male Animal rendered permanently incapable of reproduction.
Neutered means an animal certified by a licensed veterinarian or other

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  • Female means a person who is a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States and who is of the female gender.

  • Gender expression means a person’s gender-related appearance or behavior, whether or not stereotypically associated with the person’s sex at birth.

  • Gender identity or expression means a person's gender-related identity, appearance or behavior, whether or not that gender-related identity, appearance or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the person's physiology or assigned sex at birth, which gender-related identity can be shown by providing evidence including, but not limited to, medical history, care or treatment of the gender-related identity, consistent and uniform assertion of the gender-related identity or any other evidence that the gender-related identity is sincerely held, part of a person's core identity or not being asserted for an improper purpose.

  • The words herein", "hereof" and "hereunder" and other words of similar import refer to the Indenture and this Supplemental Indenture as a whole and not to any particular Article, Section or other subdivision; and

  • The word after" means "from but excluding," the words "to" and "until" mean "to but excluding," and the word "through" means "to and including." Likewise, in setting deadlines or other periods, "by" means "by." The words "preceding," "following," and words of similar import, mean immediately preceding or following. References to a month or a year refer to calendar months and calendar years.

  • Neutral ’ means an individual who, with respect to an issue in controversy, functions specifically to aid the parties in resolving the controversy;

  • Refer means to direct or cause to be directed or to exercise any power or influence over the direction of title insurance business, whether or not the consent or approval of any other person is sought or obtained with respect to the referral.

  • Women s or children's institution" means an institution, whether called an orphanage or a home for neglected women or children or a widow's home or an institution called by any other name, which is established and maintained for the reception and care of women or children.

  • designated sector means a sector, sub-sector or industry that has been designated by the Department of Trade and Industry in line with national development and industrial policies for local production, where only locally produced services, works or goods or locally manufactured goods meet the stipulated minimum threshold for local production and content;

  • Sex means the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women. (MALE and FEMALE denote "sex".)

  • Language means all documents and correspondence in respect of this contract shall be in English Language.

  • word Grantor" means each and all of the persons or entities granting a Security Interest in any Collateral for the Loan, including without limitation all Borrowers granting such a Security Interest.

  • Interchangeable means a biosimilar that meets safety standards for determining interchangeability

  • Defined Terms “Agreement” means, collectively, (i) the Exhibit Space Contract for the Event and any ancillary documents associated therewith, potentially including an Exhibitor Service Manual and a notice of booth space assignment, and (ii) these Terms and Conditions. In the event of any conflict among the terms of such documents, the terms of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail. “Event” collectively means, the event or events referred to above, on the previous or facing page, or in materials attached hereto, as organized by Emerald Expositions, LLC (“Emerald”). “Facility” means the venue where the Event is held. “Exhibitor” means the company or person entering into this Agreement, as listed on the Exhibit Space Contract.

  • References to other enterprises" shall include employee benefit plans; references to "fines" shall include any excise taxes assessed on Indemnitee with respect to an employee benefit plan; and references to "serving at the request of the Company" shall include any service as a director, officer, employee, agent or fiduciary of the Company which imposes duties on, or involves services by, such director, officer, employee, agent or fiduciary with respect to an employee benefit plan, its participants or its beneficiaries; and if Indemnitee acted in good faith and in a manner Indemnitee reasonably believed to be in the interest of the participants and beneficiaries of an employee benefit plan, Indemnitee shall be deemed to have acted in a manner "not opposed to the best interests of the Company" as referred to in this Agreement.

  • Race or ethnicity means of a particular descent, including Caucasian, African, Hispanic, Asian, or Native American descent.

  • Headings mean the chapters and the four-digit headings used in the nomenclature which makes up the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, referred to in this Protocol as "the Harmonized System" or "HS";

  • Oppressive State means: Tibet Autonomous Region and the Provinces of Ado, Kham and U-Tsang

  • Gender identity : Under Maine law, this means “the gender-related identity, appearance, mannerisms or other gender-related characteristics of an individual, regardless of the individual’s assigned sex at birth.”

  • References in this Credit Agreement to "Articles", "Sections", "Schedules" or "Exhibits" shall be to Articles, Sections, Schedules or Exhibits of or to this Credit Agreement unless otherwise specifically provided.

  • Passive NFE Under the CRS a “Passive NFE” means any NFE that is not an Active NFE. An Investment Entity located in a Non-Participating Jurisdiction and managed by another Financial Institution is also treated as a Passive NFE for purposes of the CRS.

  • include or "including" shall mean without limitation by reason of enumeration.

  • Examples An invoice for October service, dated and issued October 8 (late) would have a payment due date of November 7. An invoice for August service, dated and issued July 20 (early) would have a payment due date of August 30.) Attachment A - City of Laguna Niguel Agreement Page 29 of 35

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  • Harasses means a pattern or course of conduct directed toward another individual that includes, but is not limited to, repeated or continuing unconsented contact, that would cause a reasonable person to suffer emotional distress, and that actually causes emotional distress to the victim. Harassment shall include harassing or obscene phone calls as prohibited by Section 1172 of this title and conduct prohibited by Section 850 of this title. Harassment does not include constitutionally protected activity or conduct that serves a legitimate purpose;