necessarily definition

necessarily means necessarily in virtue of the fact that it makes lin- guistic rules explicit. (Thomasson, 2007)
necessarily means that controversy and the need to argue about and eventually come to a decision about the proper interpretation of the Bill of Rights is unavoidable. The rights are not formulated as detailed sets of rules designed to deal with specific, envisaged situations. Rather, the Bill of Rights lays down general comprehensive moral standards that government must respect, but leaves it to judges to decide what these standards mean in concrete circumstances.
necessarily never means that a young person was condemned to go on a pilgrimage without alternatives. It was often strived but I have always refused. Because to my opinion this practice would affect the result negatively.

Examples of necessarily in a sentence

  • Necessarily, however, such rules cannot identify every type of unacceptable conduct and performance.

  • Necessarily, the Commission concerns itself with inputs (the kinds of students in the school and the recruiting, admission, and testing procedures that produce them); resources (instructors, equipment, library, etc.), and processes (how the school actually operates).

  • Necessarily, no exemption in tender fee & EMD shall be allowed for such price bid.

  • Necessarily, this will have repercussions on the nature of compatible electricity generation.

  • Necessarily, each of the objective criteria will not carry the same weight or importance in an individual case.

  • Necessarily, the term would encompass conduct involving moral turpitude, dishonesty, or corruption, and also any knowing misuse of the office, whatever the motive.

  • Necessarily, the application of the policy stated herein will require good judgment and common sense.

  • Necessarily, the detail of the boundary treatment would be different.

  • Necessarily that action is taken by the party immediately affected by the disobedience.

  • Necessarily, however, such rules cannot identify every type of unacceptable conduct and performance; therefore, faculty should be aware that conduct not specifically listed below but which adversely affects, or is otherwise detrimental to the interests of the College, other faculty, or our students, may also result in disciplinary action.

More Definitions of necessarily

necessarily means “in such a way that it cannot be otherwise; inevitably, unavoidably.”
necessarily means that the charitable activity could not have been undertaken efficiently and effectively without incurring the expenditure;

Related to necessarily

  • NOT means Notice of Termination.

  • Example If the Vehicle comes with air conditioning, then it must be included with the Vehicle. Air conditioning cannot be deleted because it was not identified as required by the specifications.

  • High An Incident should be categorized with the priority "High" if normal business processes are seriously affected. Necessary tasks cannot be performed. This is caused by incorrect or inoperable functions in the Computing Environment that are required immediately. The Incident is to be processed as quickly as possible because a continuing malfunction can seriously disrupt the entire productive business flow.

  • Describe means “to illustrate something in words or tell about it”

  • Unsubstantiated means the same as that term is defined in Section 62A-4a-101.

  • Illustration means a presentation or depiction that includes non-guaranteed elements of a policy of life insurance over a period of years and that is one of the three (3) types defined below:

  • Counting center means one or more locations selected by the election officer in

  • Examples An invoice for October service, dated and issued October 8 (late) would have a payment due date of November 7. An invoice for August service, dated and issued July 20 (early) would have a payment due date of August 30.)

  • Legal Costs of a person means legal costs incurred by that person in defending an action for a Liability of that person.

  • Meals means, for a mixed beverage license, an assortment of foods commonly ordered in bona

  • Interscholastic Activities means athletic or non-athletic/academic activities where students compete on a school vs. school basis.

  • Substantiated means an abuse investigation has been completed by the Department or the Department's designee and the preponderance of the evidence establishes the abuse occurred.

  • Nudity means the showing, representation, or depiction of human male or female genitals, pubic area, or buttocks with less than a full, opaque covering, or of a female breast with less than a full, opaque covering of any portion thereof below the top of the nipple, or of covered male genitals in a discernibly turgid state.

  • Microbusiness means a licensee that may act as a cannabis

  • Meal means an adequate, well-balanced serving of a variety of wholesome, nutritious foods.

  • include or "including" shall mean without limitation by reason of enumeration.

  • Inappropriate use means a use that is inconsistent with an educational purpose or that is in clear violation of this policy and the Acceptable Use Agreement.

  • Appellant means a person who has lodged an appeal in terms of section 57(2);

  • History means, for the purposes of an eligibility determination as defined in this rule, necessary evidence of an intellectual disability prior to 18 years of age or an other developmental disability prior to 22 years of age, including previous assessments and medical evaluations prior to the date of eligibility determination for developmental disabilities services.

  • Reasonable in these circumstances means ‘using no more force than is needed’. The use of force may involve either passive physical contact, such as standing between pupils or blocking a pupil’s path, or active physical contact such as leading a pupil by the arm out of the classroom. Departmental advice for schools is available here

  • Cooperation shall refer to those provisions set forth below in Paragraphs 34-48.

  • Isolation means a behavior management technique in which a student is placed alone in an enclosed space from which the student is not prevented from leaving.

  • Example 3 Same assumed facts as in Example 2. Assume further that the Coverage Ratios of the hospitals and nursing centers that remain subject to this Lease, determined for the four (4) full calendar quarters ending not less than sixty (60) days prior to the assumed Section New Lease Transaction, equal, respectively, 1.575:1 and 1.500:1 and that the Coverage Ratios of the hospitals and nursing centers included in the 25 Leased Properties that were covered by this Lease immediately prior to the aforesaid transaction, for the same period, equal, respectively, 1.500:1 and 1.450:1. In the circumstances of this Example 3, this Section would not apply, and the Section 16.10.1 Number applicable to this Lease would be determined pursuant to Section 16.10.1(a) hereof (because this Lease would then cover 15 Leased Properties), without any adjustment pursuant to this Section, because requirement (y) above is not met. The Section 16.10.1 Number for this Lease would equal one (1). For the aforesaid New Lease, for the reasons stated in Example 2, the Section 16.10.1 Number would also equal one (1).