nearest residence definition

nearest residence means an occupied dwelling and adjacent property commonly used by inhabitants of the dwelling;

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  • Seaplane means an aeroplane capable normally of taking off from and alighting solely on water;

  • Peak Season means the weeks containing the 24th through 36th Wednesdays of the calendar year. Each such week shall begin on a Monday and end on the following Sunday, except for the week containing the 36th Wednesday, which shall end on the following Friday.

  • Primary Residence means an Insured’s fixed, permanent and main home for legal and tax purposes.

  • Sailboat means the same as that term is defined in Section 73-18-2.

  • Service Road means a road or lane provided at the front, rear or side of a plot for service purpose;

  • Child day center means a child day program offered to (i) two or more children under the age of 13 in a facility that is not the residence of the provider or of any of the children in care or (ii) 13 or more children at any location.

  • Halfway house means a facility licensed by the division of parole and community services of the department of rehabilitation and correction pursuant to section 2967.14 of the Revised Code as a suitable facility for the care and treatment of adult offenders.

  • Youth center means any public or private facility that is primarily used to host recreational or social activities for minors, including, but not limited to, private youth membership organizations or clubs, social service teenage club facilities, video arcades, or similar amusement park facilities.

  • LOT FRONTAGE means lot frontage as defined in Town's Zoning By-law No. 1136 (1987), as amended, or any successor thereto.

  • Birth center means a facility or institution, which is not an ambulatory surgical center or a hospital or in a hospital, in which births are planned to occur following a normal, uncomplicated, low-risk pregnancy.

  • Summer Season in any year, means the Season commencing on 01 April in that year;

  • Camp or “camping” means to pitch, erect, create, use, or occupy camp facilities for the purposes of habitation, as evidenced by the use of camp paraphernalia.

  • Permanent residence means a place where the person abides, lodges, or resides for 5 or more consecutive days.

  • Bay means parking bay;

  • Pilot or "Payment in Lieu of Tax" shall mean any payment made to the Agency or an affected tax jurisdiction equal to all or a portion of the real property taxes or other taxes which would have been levied by or on behalf of an affected tax jurisdiction with respect to a project but for tax exemption obtained by reason of the involvement of the Agency in such project, but such term shall not include Agency fees.

  • Intersection means (i) the area embraced within the prolongation or connection of the lateral

  • Beginning farmer means an individual, partnership, family farm corporation, or family farm limited liability company, with a low or moderate net worth that engages in farming or wishes to engage in farming.

  • Crosswalk means that part of a roadway at an intersection included within the connections of the

  • Peak means the Morning Peak and the Evening Peak;

  • Airport lounge means a business location:

  • Bedroom means a habitable room larger than seven square metres, including a den, study, or other similar area, but does not include a living room, dining room or kitchen;

  • Yard, front means a yard extending across the full width of the lot between the Front Lot Line of the lot and the nearest part of the nearest building or structure on the lot.

  • Cottage Sector Means a single dwelling that does not have a common facility for a multiple number of tenants.

  • Winter Season means the period commencing on November 1 of any year and ending on the next succeeding March 31.

  • Fortnight means a period commencing at 0600 hours on first Day of Month and ending on 0600 hours on sixteenth Day of the Month or from 0600 hours on sixteenth Day of the Month to 0600 hours on the first Day of the succeeding calendar month, as the case may be.

  • Fire fighter means any person employed by the state or any political subdivision as a member or officer of a fire depart- ment or a member of a volunteer department, including the state fire marshal and deputies.