Namibian definition

Namibian means a citizen of Namibia and includes a company incorporated under the laws of Namibia in which the majority of the share capital is owned by Namibians within the meaning of this definition.
Namibian means a citizen of Namibia and includes a company incorporated under the laws of Namibia in which the majority of the share capital is owned by Namibians within the meaning of this definition.(2) At any time before a currency for Namibia has been established under section 19 of the Bank of Namibia Act, 1990 (Act 8 of 1990), an investment in Namibia by a foreign national of rand in the currency of the Republic of South Africa shall be deemed to be an investment of foreign assets notwithstanding that rand will during that period also be the currency for Namibia.[The Bank of Namibia Act 8 of 1990 has been replaced by the Bank of Namibia Act 15 of 1997.]

Examples of Namibian in a sentence

  • Exchange Rate: ………………………….If no base rate of exchange is given, the price shall be treated as firm in Namibian Dollars for all intent and purpose.

  • Prices for the execution of works shall be fixed in Namibian Dollars as quoted.

  • Prices for the execution of services shall be fixed in Namibian Dollars as quoted.

  • This amount is exclusive of the local taxes (applicable only to consultants other than Namibian nationals), which shall be identified during negotiations and shall be added to the above amount.

  • Figures in the report are rounded off to the nearest Namibian Dollar.

  • Sasria has an agreement with the Namibian special risk insurance association (Nasria).

  • B2Gold is a public company which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “BTO”, the NYSE MKT LLC under the symbol “BTG” and the Namibian Stock Exchange under the symbol “B2G”.

  • As the Namibian dollar is pegged to the South African rand, the Company enters into foreign currency contracts between the South African rand and the United States dollar due to their greater liquidity.

  • Only persons with permanent Namibian Residence, Refugees or Asylum Seekers and Diplomatic representatives are exempted from applying for a Study Permit and Visa.

  • There shall be established by Act of Parliament a Namibian Defence Force with prescribed composition, powers, duties and procedures, in order to defend the territory and national interests of Namibia.

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