Multiple dwelling units definition

Multiple dwelling units means residential duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, apartment buildings, condominiums, mobile home parks, trailer courts, or similar types of multiple dwelling unit arrangements on one parcel of land.
Multiple dwelling units means three (3) or more Dwelling Units.
Multiple dwelling units means the individual dwelling unit within an apartment building, townhouse, bare land strata, or condominium of three or more units.

Examples of Multiple dwelling units in a sentence

  • Multiple dwelling units within one structure when all dwelling units are served by a single meter.

  • Multiple dwelling units (up to four units) require separate service lines.

  • Multiple dwelling units are each charged half of that rate annually, and all other improved properties are charged at a rate of $48 per 3,000 square feet of impervious surface.

  • Multiple dwelling units under individual ownership, except condominiums, shall not be served by a single onsite wastewater system except where that system is under the sponsorship of a body politic.

  • Multiple dwelling units that do not have an interior garbage room shall have maintained and installed a receptacle large enough to contain all garbage and rubbish.

  • Multiple dwelling units on a single lot, or multiple dwelling units which11 are part of a common development on multiple lots, having one or12 more onsite vehicular access routes which serves more than three13 structures, or more than twelve dwelling units, or 1415 B.

  • Multiple dwelling units under a company scheme (Body Corporate) may be regarded as a single dwelling unit for the purposes of metering at the discretion of the Council.

  • Multiple dwelling units with four or more dwelling units on one parcel of property and subject to the multi-unit service level pursuant to the Agreement for the Collection and Disposal of Solid Waste between the City of Milpitas and Allied Waste Services, dated September 2, 1986 and as amended thereafter, shall be required to subscribe to solid waste container service.

  • Single dwelling unit dwellings $ 28.00 Two dwelling units $ 31.00 Multiple dwelling units, per building $ 33.00 (plus $5.00 for each dwelling unit in excess of the first two units) Lodging houses $ 28.00 Hotels $ 33.00 (plus $1.00 for each rooming unit) Reinspection necessitate by owner's failure $100.00 to make corrections within the required time (per building) A.

  • If leach lines or pits serve a common OWTS for two or more units, add 30% more square footage according to CPC Table H 201.1 (1) Multiple dwelling units.

More Definitions of Multiple dwelling units

Multiple dwelling units. 21 means premises comprising an integrated development of more than two dwelling units on the site (such as townhouses, row houses or apartment buildings). The term does not include Accommodation buildings, Bed and breakfasts, Caravan parks, Institutional residences or Retirement villages as separately defined but may include a manager’s residence;
Multiple dwelling units means individual residential living units comprising multiple housing facilities, apartment buildings, condominiums, dormitories, and cooperatives.
Multiple dwelling units means two or more residential units, including, but not limited to, duplexes, apartment buildings, condominiums, mobile home parks, and trailer courts.
Multiple dwelling units means two or more residential units connected to a single water service.

Related to Multiple dwelling units

  • Multiple Dwelling means a building containing three or more dwelling units.

  • Dwelling unit means any room or group of rooms located within a structure and forming a single, habitable unit with facilities which are used or intended to be used for living, sleeping, bathing, toilet usage, cooking, and eating.

  • Residential Dwelling Unit means any portion of a building that contains living facilities, including a room or rooms in a facility that have shared cooking, bathing, toilet, or laundry facilities such as dormitories, shelters, assisted living facilities, and boarding homes. "Residential dwelling unit" also means facilities that include provisions for sleeping, cooking, bathing, and toilet facilities for one or more persons and are used for extended stays, such as time-shares and extended-stay motels. "Residential dwelling unit" does not mean a guest room in a motel or hotel.

  • Multiple-family dwelling means a property containing 5 or more residential units, including those which are occupied seasonally.

  • new dwelling means, for the purposes of the definition of “second authority” and paragraphs 91, 98 and 103, the dwelling to which an applicant has moved, or is about to move, in which the applicant will be resident;

  • Single-family dwelling unit means a structure that is usually occupied by just one household or family and for the purposes of this Policy is expected to generate an average of 250 gallons per day of wastewater.

  • Accessory dwelling unit means an attached or a detached residential dwelling unit which provides complete independent living facilities for one or more persons. It shall include permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation on the same parcel as the single-family dwelling is situated. An accessory dwelling unit also includes the following:

  • semi-detached dwelling means a building divided vertically into two dwelling units each of which has a separate entrance and access to grade;

  • single detached dwelling and “single detached” means a residential building consisting of one dwelling unit that is not attached to another structure above grade. For greater certainty, a residential building consisting of one dwelling unit that is attached to another structure by footings only shall be considered a single-family dwelling for the purposes of this by-law;

  • Residential Units means individually or collectively (as the context requires), any or all residential apartment unit(s) in the Project.

  • Junior accessory dwelling unit means a unit that is no more than 500 square feet in size and contained entirely within an existing a single-family structure. residence. A junior accessory dwelling unit may include separate sanitation facilities, or may share sanitation facilities with the existing structure.

  • Apartment Dwelling means any dwelling unit within a building containing more than four dwelling units where the units are connected by an interior corridor;

  • Residential Dwelling Any one of the following: (i) a detached one-family dwelling, (ii) a detached two- to four-family dwelling, (iii) a one-family dwelling unit in a Xxxxxx Xxx eligible condominium project, (iv) a manufactured home, or (v) a detached one-family dwelling in a planned unit development, none of which is a co-operative or mobile home.

  • Multi-family dwelling means a structure that contains more than one separate dwelling unit, which is used, or occupied, or intended to be used or occupied, in whole, or in part as the home or residence of one or more persons.

  • Rooming unit means any room or group of rooms forming a single habitable unit used or intended to be used for living and sleeping, but not for cooking or eating purposes.

  • Initial Units means, with respect to any Initial Limited Partner, the aggregate number of Class A Units owned by such Initial Limited Partner as of the date of this Agreement.

  • Dwelling means any building, structure, or portion thereof which is occupied as, or designed or intended for occupancy as, a residence by one or more families, and any vacant land which is offered for sale or lease for the construction or location thereon of any such building, structure, or portion thereof.

  • Units means the Class A Units and any other Class of Units authorized in accordance with this Agreement, which shall constitute interests in the Partnership as provided in this Agreement and under the Act, entitling the holders thereof to the relative rights, title and interests in the profits, losses, deductions and credits of the Partnership at any particular time as set forth in this Agreement, and any and all other benefits to which a holder thereof may be entitled as a Partner as provided in this Agreement, together with the obligations of such Partner to comply with all terms and provisions of this Agreement.

  • Generating Unit means one or more generating equipment combinations typically consisting of prime mover(s), electric generator(s), electric transformer(s), steam generator(s) and air emission control devices.

  • Housing Unit means a house, an apartment, a mobile home, a group of rooms, or a single room that is occupied as separate living quarters, in which the occupants live and eat separately from any other persons in the building and which have direct access from the outside of the building or through a common hall.

  • Manufactured dwelling park means a place where four or more manufactured dwellings are located, the primary purpose of which is to rent space or keep space for rent to any person for a charge or fee.

  • Affordable Housing Units – means the Affordable Housing to be provided as part of the Development in accordance with the application and/or any subsequent reserved matters approval.

  • Lots means all machinery and all other items sold or intended to be sold in accordance with these conditions and listed on an Entry Form as goo

  • private dwelling means any part of a structure that is occupied as a residence, or any part of a structure or outdoor living area that is accessory to, and used wholly for the purposes of, a residence;

  • Drilling unit means the area fixed for the drilling of one well by order or rule of any state or federal body having authority. If a Drilling Unit is not fixed by any such rule or order, a Drilling Unit shall be the drilling unit as established by the pattern of drilling in the Contract Area unless fixed by express agreement of the Drilling Parties.

  • Residential Unit means a home, apartment, residential condominium unit or mobile home, serving as the principal place of residence.