Mule definition

Mule means a type of spinning frame having a head stock and carriage as its two main sections. The head stock is stationary. The carriage is movable and it carries the spindles which draft and spin the roving into yarn. The carriage extends over the whole width of the machine and moves slowly towards and away from the head stock during the spining operation.

Examples of Mule in a sentence

  • The remaining $457,935 was split betweenWild Sheep Foundation, Mule Deer Foundation and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in sales commissions.

  • Response) Substitution Approved: Mule Hide will be added to the list of acceptable TPO roof systems.

  • The Wild Sheep, Mule Deer and Rocky Mountain Elk foundations auction off the species-specific Governors Tags at their annual banquets and other functions, and for doing so, are allowed to keep a 10% commission of the auction price for use at their discretion.

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