Definition of MSW Rules

MSW Rules means The Municipal Solid Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules, framed by the Government of the country under the Environment (Protection) Act and includes any statutory amendments / modifications thereto or reenactments thereof, for the time being in force, but will not modify or affect any rights or obligations inherent within the realms of these presences.

Examples of MSW Rules in a sentence

Accordingly, the ULBs are required to perform their obligatory duties within the provision of their respective Acts and also to provide MSW Services in accordance with MSW Rules and also to protect the environment and public health of their citizens and public in general.
Design and Construction of MSW Processing and disposal Facility within 18 months on land available with the authority using any suitable technology adhering to Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules 2016 (MSW Rules 2016 as amended time to time having an adequate capacity to process generated MSW and operate and maintain the said facility to process the domestic, commercial, institutional etc.
The Concessionaire shall, at all times, ensure that all aspects of the Project Facilities and processes employed in the construction, operation and maintenance thereof shall conform with the laws pertaining to environment, health and safety aspects including rules such as MSW Rules, policies and guidelines related thereto.
Giridih Town immediately needs augmentation of its Solid Waste management systems to comply with MSW Rules 2016.
The Technical Proposal shall be in adherence to the MSW Rules and the requirements set out in the draft Concession Agreement.