Definition of MSO Rules

MSO Rules means the rules made under section 48N;

Examples of MSO Rules in a sentence

Except as otherwise provided in this Deed: (a) each party must treat Confidential Information as confidential and must take all reasonable precautions to ensure that its employees maintain such confidentiality; and (b) the confidentiality provisions of the MSO Rules apply to all Confidential Information under this Deed.
Except as set out in the MSO Rules or as required by the Regulator, and subject to obtaining any necessary approval from the Regulator, this Deed may only be amended or supplemented in writing, signed by the parties.
Service Envelope Agreement means the agreement between GasNet, GasNet NSW and VENCorp entered into pursuant to clause 5.3.1 of the MSO Rules.
For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Deed affects Part 9 of the Act, chapter 6 of the MSO Rules or any like or analogous applicable emergency law and, without limiting the foregoing, Shipper acknowledges and agrees that VENCorp may interrupt, reduce or curtail gas supply or transmission in any case where the Act, MSO Rules or such emergency laws allow or require.
MSO Rules 25.1 Application of MSO Rules 25.2 Approved Connection Deed 25.3 Revisions to Access Arrangements 25.4 Reclassification as a Market Carriage pipeline 25.5 Termination of this Agreement 26.