Movable definition

Movable asset” in relation to the project report shall mean the plant and machinery, vehicles and furniture & fixtures only. All assets other than the movable asset shall be treated as “Immovable Assetincluding Net Revenue expenditure capitalized as shown in the project report.
Movable means a movable within the meaning of article 900 of the Civil Code of Québec;
Movable means any property except for that referred to in paragraph 15 of this Article.

Examples of Movable in a sentence

  • Movable grids and compression devices shall be removed from the useful beam during the measurement.

  • Movable vehicles include but are not limited to: Trucks, front end loaders, skip hoists, and railcars.

  • Movable parts, including hardware, are be cleaned and adjusted to operate as designed without binding of deformation of members.

  • Movable articles or accessories which serve as a place upon which to rest (people or things) or in which things are placed or stored, e.g. chair or dresser.

  • Movable assets are usually identified using a barcode system by attaching a barcode to each item.

More Definitions of Movable

Movable means tangible or intangible property that can be moved or displaced.
Movable has the meaning given in the definition ofImmovable” above. “mtpa” means million metric tons per annum.
Movable means Tangible Property that can be moved or any intangible property ;
Movable means any movable facility or enclosure in which fifty or more people may assemble.
Movable means any movable tangible property, other than a ship or goods, and includes money, valuable securities and other documents; Indian Marine Insurance Act, 1963, Section 2(f).
Movable means anything that can be taken from its current location and used for its intended purpose elsewhere, whether it is fixed to the ground or already mobile.
Movable means that the pigs can change the location or position of the material.