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Missile means a vehicle other than an aircraft, spacecraft, or launch vehicle, which is designed to operate through the air and/or space and whose path and direction is guided during part or all of its flight by a partly or completely self-contained electronic, celestial, inertial or other remote or internal guidance system. After arrival of a missile at a launching site, such missile shall be deemed not to be owned by, loaned to, in the possession or control of, or in flight by the Insured. When the Insured removes a missile from the launching site or recovers a missile after completion of its flight for the purpose of returning it to the Insured's premises other than a launching site, such missile shall be deemed in the possession or control of the Insured (except when such missile is being transported by others) until such missile again arrives at a launching site or the Insured surrenders possession of such missile to a person or organization who is not an Insured under this policy.
Missile means a vehicle other than an aircraft, spacecraft, or launch vehicle, which is designed to operate through the air and/or space and whose path and direction is guided during part or all of its flight by a partly or completely self-contained electronic, celestial, inertial or other remote or internal guidance system.
Missile in 1A001(c) means complete rocket systems and unmanned aerial vehicle systems. (L.N. 254 of 2008)

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Interface support deals with activities associated with the integration of the requirements of this contract into BMD system plans and the support of key Missile Defense Agency (MDA) program reviews.

Originally signed to allow the UK to acquire the Polaris Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) system in the 1960s, it was amended in 1980 to facilitate purchase of the Trident I (C4) missile and again in 1982 to authorise purchase of the more advanced Trident II (D5) in place of the C4.

With the exception of the Missile Operations Badge, wear of these badges is optional.

Report and Cost Assessment of Options for OHIO-Class Replacement Ballistic Missile Submarine, Unclassified Summary, received from Navy Legislative Affairs Office, August 24, 2012.

John Liang, “Japanese Destroyer Shoots Down Ballistic Missile Test Target,” Inside Missile Defense, December 19, 2007; “Japanese Aegis Destroyer Wins Test By Killing Target Missile With SM-3 Interceptor,” Defense Daily, December 18, 2007; Reuters, “Japanese Ship Downs Missile In Pacific Test,” New York Times, December 18, 2007: 8; Audrey McAvoy, “Japan Intercepts Missile In Test Off Hawaii,” NavyTimes.com, December 17, 2007.

Government Accountability Office, Guide Missile Frigate[:] Navy Has Taken Steps to Reduce Acquisition Risk, but Opportunities Exist to Improve Knowledge for Decision Makers, GAO-19-512, August 2019, summary page.

Except as provided in paragraph (c) of this provision, the Department of Defense will not enter into or carry out any contract, including any contract awarded as a result of a broad agency announcement, with a foreign government or firm if the contract provides for the conduct of research, development, test, or evaluation in connection with the Ballistic Missile Defense Program.

An example would be Defense Finance and Accounting Service or Missile Defense Agency.

The modification for BMD operations includes, among other things, the addition of a new software program for the Aegis combat system and the arming of the ship with the SM-3, a version of the Navy’s Standard Missile that is designed for BMD operations.

To execute Continuous Production, the Navy requires authority to enter into contracts to procure contractor furnished and government furnished components and systems for OR SSBNs.OR Missile Tube and Missile Tube Module component procurement through Continuous Production lines have been identified as the most efficient and affordable procurement strategy Missile Tube Continuous Production could achieve an average reduction of 25percent in Missile Tube procurement costs across the [Columbia] Class.

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Missile or “VorTeq Missile” means the manifold which is comprised of a low-pressure side and a high-pressure side, through which the fracturing fluid enters at low pressure and exits at high pressure into the wellbore to fracture the rock. [*].
Missile means any non-manned, self-propelled device (other than a Launch Vehicle) capable of free flight, whether self-controlled or not, and includes any ground support or control equipment used in connection therewith.

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Pilot or “Payment in Lieu of Tax” shall mean any payment made to the Agency or an Affected Tax Jurisdiction equal to all or a portion of the real property taxes or other taxes which would have been levied by or on behalf of an Affected Tax Jurisdiction with respect to a project but for Tax Exemption obtained by reason of the involvement of the Agency in such project, but such term shall not include Agency Fees.
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