Mini-mart definition

Mini-mart means a retail establishment which contains less than 10,000 square feet of gross floor area utilized in whole or in part for the sale of a variety of items including groceries, delicatessen items, staples, dairy products, pre-packaged food, soft drinks, sundry items, and/or alcoholic beverages, and may include the sale of gasoline or other petroleum products. "Mini-mart" is distinguished from a "convenience market" in that it does not devote at least 10% of its overall floor area to the display and sale of fresh meat and produce. Any mini-mart that sells alcoholic beverages shall be deemed a primaryalcoholic beverage establishment.
Mini-mart means a convenience store which sells snacks, groceries, personal items, and personal services typically associated with the sale of gasoline and/or sale of alcoholic beverages and open fourteen to twenty-four hours a day. Building size typically range between one thousand five hundred square feet and five thousand square feet.

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